Enlight have released a music video for Girl directed by Adrian Goleby. This is the first track to be released from the band’s latest EP, ‘Essence.’ View it below.

‘Essence’ is a 2-track prequel for their upcoming album which we will see later this year. ‘Essence’ will be released and heard for the first time ever at Enlight’s next show: Progfest 2018.

Frontwoman Rachael Graham says: “Girl, in particular, is the perfect introduction to our prequel. In the process of mourning and healing through emotional journeys, there are moments of silence, stillness, repetition, and that is truly at the essence of our instrumentation and lyrics. I hope the listeners find a moment of peace and reflection from this release.”

Guitarist Nguyen Phambam adds: “I wanted to release ‘Essence’ in the rawest form possible. It’ll be interesting to see what people think when they hear the full orchestration of these songs. Our vision is to capture the innocence and purity of these pieces, which makes a lot of sense to us in regards to releasing acoustic arrangements before releasing the album.”

Catch Enlight at Progfest (The Corner Hotel) on the Poseidon stage at 4:15PM. Tickets available HERE!