Up-and-coming metal bands; they’re the future of the scene. They shape the direction in which heavy metal will grow and evolve; but more times than not, you have to sift through a lot of generic songs and overplayed clichés that flood the underground market before you find something that’s pleasantly familiar, and yet unique enough to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Luckily for you however, it’s our job to find these hidden gems and present them to the world.

Cabrakaän, a Mexican symphonic folk metal band, premiered their debut EP “Songs from Anahuac” in 2014, and in doing so, showed the world that they were able to stand out from the herd. The six-song EP has all the makings of symphonic metal: folk and orchestral instruments playing melodies with heavy guitars and drums in the back laying down the foundations of the music while an operatic female vocalist sings about myths and legends of yore. What sets Cabrakaän aside from other symphonic metal bands are the unique choice of instruments that they incorporate. Their music includes a wide variety of instruments such as the Jarocha harp, marimba, ocarinas, Huehuetl, and Teponaztle. Not only that, they’re able to sing in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Zapoteco, Nahuatl and other ancient Mexican languages that complement their lyrics that tell stories of Mesoamerican mythologies and Mexican folklore such as La llorona, La Bruja, and Day of the Dead.

Although Cabrakaän formed in Toluca, Mexico in 2012, the band have since moved to Canada after playing at the 2017 Metalocalypstick Festival in Lone Butte, BC where the receptive crowd and beautiful landscape won them over, prompting them to relocate. Despite the move, it’s expected that the band will stay true to their roots in their upcoming full-length album ‘Cem Anahuac’. As founding member and drummer Marko Cipaktli states: “We are proud of our roots and our culture and we want to share it with the world through our music… The album is inspired by the Mexican culture, its traditions and the issues we have as a society nowadays. It’s an expression of pride in our roots, our history and traditions, and our love for metal and music from our country.”

This unique mix of traditional Mexican folk music and symphonic metal, accompanied with a stage show which creates an atmosphere of ancient Aztec times makes great potential for this band to rise with cream of the crop.

Cabrakaän’s ‘Songs from Anahuac’ is available for listening on YouTube, and their upcoming full-length album ‘Cem Anahuac’ is expected to be out this Autumn.