American fans of Bad Cop/Bad Cop have been enjoying the last six months; not only did the band release their second album ‘Warrior’ through Fat Wreck Chords, but they also hit the road for the Punk In Drublic festival! Australian fans, your long wait is now finally over; not only are Bad Cop/Bad Cop coming down for the inaugural Download Festival, but they are also supporting NOFX on their two sideshows.

“That was a long tour; I think it was the longest tour that we had done at that time. It also bracketed the presidential election, which was just awful; we were travelling all over the States for about a month before and then about a month after the election. That really changed things we planned to record before the election, as we thought that we wouldn’t have the president that we have (laughs) We also live in a bubble in California where everything seems good, so it changed everything and seemed more important we say something that we meant and not just have fun!” was how Jennie Cotterial started out the interview, as she discussed the tour with The Interruptors that took place before the recording of ‘Warrior’.

Adding a little extra depth on how the presidential election altered the direction of the album, Cotterill mentioned how “the only thing that was guaranteed was that we would have roughly ten chances to have our say, so we had to work out what we thought was most important to know; unfortunately we found out that what ought to be common knowledge in our country isn’t! Even though it was bad news for the entire country, it was just good timing for us as we had enough time to finish re-writing the entire record.”

Touching on how this is the first trip to Australia for Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Cotterill quickly pointed out that “we can’t believe this is happening; we’ve been talking about what we want to do and when do we know we’re doing it!” before going into further depth:

“Going to Australia was one of those things that everybody mentions and know that it’s happening it is just really wild; it makes it easy when everyone has made it a goal that they want to do, so when it comes up, we jumped at the chance.” When asked about when the offer came through to perform on the Download line-up, Cotterill added how “the offer came through some time last year, but I can’t give you a pinpoint time as it was just really surreal to see that poster get announced; we had no idea who else was going to be on that poster barring NOFX. This is the craziest festival that we’ve ever been a part of!”

Cotterill touched on a more personal perspective of the upcoming Download festival as she explained how “Prophets of Rage are probably the most surreal to be on the same bill as; we’re in a punk rock band that maybe some people have heard of, but that is a band that most people know the band member names! And with Limp Bizkit also being on the same bill, it’s just absolutely crazy and surreal to be playing alongside bands that were enormously famous when I was just getting my hands on my guitar.”

Touching on the fact that Bad Cop/Bad Cop are supporting label bandmates NOFX on their sideshows, Cotterill had nothing but polite words as she cheerfully stated that “NOFX is amazing and we have been so excited to play with them, as well as being tucked under their wing for a few events. We’ve never played with Hot Water Music before; they’re such a great band and there’s something about when you haven’t met somebody and done something yet, as it seems so much larger than anything you’ve ever done. Mike produced the record and he was really hands on, so we’re really close with Mike and love getting to do things with NOFX; they’re hilarious and amazing every night, in an unusual, exciting combination!”

Briefly touching on a previous time that Bad Cop/Bad Cop have spent time with NOFX, Cotterill took time to talk about the recent Punk In Drublic festival as she mentioned that “we did all the states except for two, because of a radius clause from a previous tour. It was just brilliant; combining craft beer with a day-time weekend only punk rock festival is just brilliant! (laughs) Mike was working on it for ages and all he told us was that ‘I am working on something and it’s going to be amazing’; we got really curious but once we found out, we all thought “it is amazing; you are right!’”

When asked if Australian fans had been requesting specific for the upcoming set, Cotterill was kind enough to put nerves at ease by casually stating “I feel like we’ve been playing most of the album since it came out, as well as a small handful of things from ‘Not Sorry’ or a couple of our EPs.” before continuing how “it seems like most of the songs that do get requested by name are all from ‘Not Sorry’, but I do notice that anything with a music video really gets people excited. We get people sending us videos of their child singing Womanarchist and it’s really adorable; maybe that’s the one that we’ll go with” before letting out another laugh.

When quizzed whether there had been a song without a music video that been gathering interest, Cotterill took a small second to think before pointing out that “people have been asking about Wild Me; we weren’t sure about that one, as so much of that song sounds like an inaugural clip of our friend’s speech at last year’s women’s march. We were wondering ‘what should we do if we do this live?’, but we pulled it out on the last tour and not only was it really fun, but it went down well. It’s weird as our earlier songs were played for months in front of people and then recorded when we had the chance or money, but with this record no one had seen it as we hadn’t played it in front of anybody!”

When asked if there were any last words for Australian fans, Cotterill wanted to know “can someone explain to me why all Australian bands are so good?!?” before further stating “I am looking forward to spending lots of money on music when we’re there; I’m hoping to be able to clear out some merch and fill that back up with music. We’re bringing our best attitudes, our money and we can’t wait to meet all of you!”