We here at Overdrive had the chance to check out Northern Tassie’s biggest metal festival, Metal Fusion, the brainchild of Lucas Tolputt, Promotions together with Gozer Bookings. The show is held at Club 54 in Launceston.

Metal Fusion is a heavy metal show based in Launceston, Tasmania. Starting back in 2016 this show seen the third year in its existence, and they aimed to make it their biggest one to date. Filling it with great Tasmanian acts as well as killer headliners from mainland Australia.

The line-up announcement hit their Facebook site on the November 22nd, to a great response. With a headline act like the mighty King Parrot and bands like Gravemind and LO! it had people stoked to check it out. In the already massive line-up, they left a spot for local bands to enter a comp to win the opening slot. Out of the bands who entered Dire, a four-piece death metal band from Burnie won the slot.

Dire opened the day at 3:25. People were still making their way down to the show but there was a decent size crowd for the boys to play too. The stage was full of energy, and the crowd responded well.

Up next was a three-piece from Hobart called Place of Power. These boys had a cool southern sound and pumped out a cover Outshined by Soundgarden. The guys were getting a decent crowd response. Over the course of their set things got a little bumpy, with a mic stand some sound issues. They played through it well until near the end when it seemed to get too much and the vocalist let it show, this then lost the crowd.

At 4:40 Lonny local boys Majula hit the stage, with a new set and a bass down. But the boys didn’t let that slow them down. Lead vocalist Jack Young revved up the crowd, getting down into the mix himself. The guys played well and the crowd responded with the first mosh pit of the day.

The crowd thinned out a little around 5pm as a lot of people headed out to grab a bite to eat.

Scoparia a progressive metal band from Hobart. Hitting the stage all wearing black dress shirts they meant business. Their sound was tight and they had the crowd captivated throughout their set.

Hobart boys Break Through, smashed the stage with their full energy show. The crowd ate it up with singing along, rushing the stage and a full floor mosh pit.

Before we move on to the next band we need you to know how hot it was, the guys getting off the stage dripping with sweat, as was the crowd.

Another Hobart band The Absolution Sequence, we were shocked to see vocalist Shawn Pybus putting on a hoody. The venue was hot and the stage even hotter, but they gave a great performance. The whole band really gets involved hyping up the crowd. The boys gave the crowd a sneak peek at some new material with a new song to close their set.

At 7:50 Lonnie’s own Plague of Sickness hit the stage with their own brutal attack. Ripping apart the ears of those in the venue with their technical skilled performance. The crowd ate it up! The guys pumped out each song to massive applause.

Fun hit the stage with Taberah, adding some sexy rock ‘n’ roll to the mix. They were full of jokes and playing with the audience. Throwing in the classic KISS song, ‘I was made for loving you’. The guys sported some amazing jeans shorts while captivating the crowd with their amazingly entertaining set.

Melbourne’s Gravemind set the stage on fire with their energy. The crowd followed suit, with the floor opening and crowd cutting sick. These boys never disappoint and put on a killer show.

LO! What can you say but wow! First time seeing them. The stage presence alone was outstanding. Sam Dillon’s performance as the frontman is phenomenal. He holds the crowd’s attention with this very dark Iggy Pop feel. A very cool band, great sound.

And the mighty King Parrot. These guys just have a way with the crowd that no-one else does. You know that when they are about to hit the stage, shit is going to get real. There was water been thrown everywhere and the pit was crazy. Down in Tassie, we have this little north, south rivalry thing going on and the boys played on it so well.  One of the funniest things was when Matthew Young asked the crowd to make a circle pit, the floor was so slippery that bodies were falling everywhere. It was amazing. The boys gave us the full moon salute to say good night and would you expect any less.

Overall it was an amazing show, the price range was great as well. Tickets ran at $25 presale, and $30 at the door per person. With the number of bands that play and the different styles they cover, there is something for every metal head. It ran well with very few hold-ups or technical difficulties. It also offers bands in Tasmania the opportunity to rub shoulders with the heavyweights in the industry, that they may not get a chance to any other way. There are so many talented bands down here, it is cool that this festival exists to showcase some of them. Everyone looked after each other, picking up the fallen. It was a chill day/night with a great atmosphere.