Since releasing ‘Voices’ in 2016, Enlight have honed in on their ethereal sound with an acoustic mini EP, ‘Essence’; a prequel to their debut album to be released later this year.

‘Essence’ flows between a fragile and delicate aroma in Girl, representing a never-ending gasp for breath and bravery, to Boy, a soundscape of adventurous terrain, reaching far beyond our limits (through forests, mountains, oceans) to become a better version of ourselves. It is designed to speak to the feminine and masculine nature in all of us.

“We really wanted all of the elements in ‘Essence’ to reflect each other aesthetically, from the artwork to the orchestration.” Commented guitarist Julia Mammone. “I’ve always loved writing acoustically, so these songs came together quite naturally. I think by stripping back the instrumentation, listeners can get more intimate with the lyrics and message behind each song.” guitarist Nguyen Phambam adds.

Listeners can expect to see the same tracks revisited in an entirely new way on the band’s upcoming album.

Essence is available for digital download from Bandcamp here:

To accompany this release is Enlight’s latest music video, Girl:

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‘Essence’ is OUT NOW. Grab your copy from Enlight’s Bandcamp HERE.