Fresh off a slew of shows promoting their latest album “Cryogenesis”, Australian metal outfit Trigger have dropped a new music video for their third single, The Divide.

Produced by Connor O’Keane of Imperium Pictures, The Divide riffs off grind-house cinema and presents a light-hearted take on gambling with the devil.

Guitarist Luke Ashley states, “It’s no secret that metal bands love going for a dip in the ocean of apocalyptic tropes – there are always nuggets of comedy to be found in subverting serious topics. We endeavor to create fun content that people can enjoy after a crappy day at work, whether for the music or just for a slapstick gag. Though we write on some pretty dark topics, we are entertainers and ensure that everybody leaves a Trigger show happy. Hopefully that’s reflected in our media too!”

Trigger will be headlining Stormcrow Metal Festival in Wagga Wagga on Feb 10. Event page at –

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