For those who appreciate seeing multiple countries being represented in one night of music, make sure you take note of something you should already know; San Francisco’s thrash metal legends Death Angel are making their way to Australian and New Zealand shores in May, as special guests alongside Brazilian heavy metal legends Sepultura!

The first topic of the interview was about the upcoming Australian and New Zealand tour supporting Sepultura; when asked how this came to be, founding guitarist Rob Cavestany mentioned “I’m pretty sure it all came about whilst we were on the road in Europe a few months ago with Testament and Annihilator” before going into further detail about how things unfolded:

“I can’t remember exactly how it all came about, but at one point I heard we might be able to get some shows going in Australia; then suddenly I heard that New Zealand was going to be in the picture and that was extra exciting for us as we’ve never been there. Then I heard that Sepultura was in the picture! All you had to say to us was “Australia, Sepultura and Death Angel” and if we’re not already booked on another tour, we wouldn’t hesitate to agree to this.”

Whilst touching on the excitement that Death Angel are feeling about getting to come back, Cavestany decides to take us through a bit of an insight into his current mindset and what the band have done since that European tour:

“It couldn’t be a better situation as we’re in between tours right now; as I said we did that tour in Europe with Testament and Annihilator, before ending the year with a couple of shows in San Francisco. This should be the moment where we’re taking a small breather, recharging for the next tour as well as getting into writing. Right now I’m actually in the thick of writing, as well as enjoying not being in a tour bus on the road! After this break, we have to work out what comes next and with the Australian tour being the next tour, its extra special; we’ve only been there twice and it’s been far too long in between coming down there. It’s nice getting to know that when we get to take a break from the studio, we are travelling down to Australia with Sepultura; this excitement is going to make a huge impact on the writing. It’s safe to say that we will be carrying some of the energy of our shows in Australia back into the recording studio!”

Following on to touch further about the writing for the new album, Cavestany pointed out that “I am actually excited to say that I only began seriously writing less than two weeks ago as I’m supposed to be having a break right now. However not only did I want to get ahead of the game, I was feeling antsy about getting creative so I went into my studio and started messing around; I was just seeing if I could get a couple of ideas, sparks or riffs but now I have the music written for four entire songs. The fun thing though, is that the rest of the guys don’t know this yet!”

Since Death Angel last graced Australian shores, they went on to release ‘The Evil Divide’ in 2016; when asked if fans would hear many songs from the latest album, Cavestany quickly responded with “as many as I’m going to be able to jam in during our set time!” before explaining how he goes about creating a set-list:

“We’ve been trying out most of the songs throughout the tours since the album came out, so it’s quite obvious from our point of view which songs are the main stays of our live sets from now on. Of course we have eight albums and we love to represent all of them in our live set, so it is going to be bit of a challenge to create the perfect set-list but I have fun with it; I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the years! Unfortunately we are unable to please everyone and play their favourite song, but there is one good thing I’ve noticed over the years; when I get to speak to fans after the show, people aren’t just picking one album that they wanted to hear songs from.”

Delivering one last final message to Australian fans, Cavestany couldn’t have sounded any more humbled and truly excited about getting to come to Australia in May:

“Thanks for supporting Death Angel throughout the years; whether you are just getting into us or have been following us for a long time, everyone is welcome into the pack. Not to mention you have no idea how much we look forward to come down there; it’s extra special for us and I’m not just saying that, so you will see all that energy coming out in the shows. Don’t forget we also have Sepultura playing after us and they too will deliver the goods, so it will most definitely be a night to remember!”