Exalter, one of Bangladesh’s biggest and well-known metal bands resurfaced late last year to deliver their first full length album; “Persecution Automated”, which carries on the bone-crushing thrash style cemented by their first two EP’s “Democrasodomy” and “Obituary for the Living”. When listening to the music, it seems that the album was made with the sole purpose of making people headbang in mind; and it’s safe to say that Exalter have succeeded in that regard with neck-breaking riffs and drumming inspired by early thrash metal bands such as Sodom, Destruction, and Kreator which will get you up and moshing instantly. If you didn’t know better, you could easily mistake this for an album made in 1986 during the height of thrash that somehow managed to go under the radar.

“Persecution Automated” starts off with a short intro track resembling muffled sounds of war which seems like a full military attack is taking place just outside your house while you hide in the basement, being just quiet enough for you to turn up whatever device you’re listening on right before you get the full-fledged assault that is the instrumental track “Holocaust Ahead“. After the two intro tracks and once you readjust the volume to a less ear-bleeding level, the first full song, “Reign of the Mafia State“, brings forth the monstrously intense riffs that Exalter have become known for; one after another, decimating the senses with pure speed and aggression.

As you listen on, each song continues to bring a punishing barrage of riffs accompanied with pummelling bass lines and devastating drumming that almost dare the listeners not to headbang and open up a mosh pit regardless of where they are at the time, knowing full well that it’s damn near impossible to resist the temptation. The vocal delivery on the album pushes through the rest of the instruments with abruptly aggressive yells about death, warfare, and the end times of mankind mixed with a punk-esque energy which inspired many of the early thrash metal bands; making it a perfect fit to accompany the rest of the band on delivering what I can only describe as an amazing neo-classic thrash album.

The production of the album, as expected of any modern extreme metal album, is very smooth and well-polished – all the instruments can be heard clearly, pounding away in a vulgar display of power and nicely showcasing the musicians abilities. However, when it comes to thrash metal, especially with bands who try to capture the old school feel, I know many including myself prefer the production to be a little raw and rugged but the clean and refined production doesn’t leave it feeling too bright and glossy like some other modern thrash albums and manages to leave the belligerent power of the album intact. I can honestly say I don’t think there’s any bad songs on the album but songs like “Slaughter Cleanse Repeat“, “Grip of Fear”, and “Clandestine Drone Warfare” stand out for me and I’ll definitely be adding these to my playlists for further listening.

Persecution Automated is available now through Transcending Obscurity and Bandcamp