Killibrium are a Death Metal group based out of India, but you wouldn’t know it by the sound of this record. For the most part, it sounds like a record that wouldn’t be out of place in New York’s Suffocation. But there are some parts, especially in the vocal hooks, where you can hear them putting their own spin on the music.

The record opens on a high note with the absolutely crushing track, Forewarned Is Forearmed. The track has a groove to it that wouldn’t be out of place on a Cannibal Corpse track and a Black Dahlia Murder style vocal hook.. Track 2, Denominator, has a groove that will rattle the back of your teeth, hooks that will leave you salivating, and is replayable without feeling old. Track 3, Mental Illusions, is easily the grooviest track on the record, as well as excellent use of Blastbeats, the chorus as well sounds like Cannibal Corpse. Track 4, Vigilante, is when the album seems to take a dip. other than a sludgy riff, there isn’t anything new here.

Track 5, the title track, is easily the best track on the album. This track is where drummer, Mihir Bhende, is truly allowed to shine and you will hear his love for Grindcore and old-school Florida Death Metal all over this track. The final track, Last Man Standing, is an instrumental and while usually, ending an album like this is usually not worth the time, but it works.

This album is an excellent starter for a new band but as always for any new group  no matter how talented, there are problems. The first major problem is of course with the production which while much more palatable in the first 3 songs, begins to become muddled and almost rushed on the last three. That, of course, can be blamed on the fact that while India is becoming quite the hub for Metal, its recording studios are still more pop oriented. This band is still learning, and to judge their future solely on this and not on what comes next would be quite foolish.

What I truly enjoyed on this record is something I think we can all appreciate and that is the fact that these guys all sound like they are having fun. And as long as you have fun making your music, I would not be surprised if this group conquers the Death Metal scene. But only time will tell if my own weighty prediction will ever come to pass. Here’s hoping that I’m not wrong, and that this band won’t fall through the cracks like so many great groups before them.

Killibrium’s debut EP Purge, is out now and you can purchase it HERE!