From Denver, Colorado comes Death Metal band Of Feather and Bone, thrashing into 2018 with their second full length album “Bestial Hymns of Perversion”. Members Dave (Guitar), Alvino (Bass/Vocals) and Preston (Drums) hopes to usher in mankind’s fall as their seven-track album portends to the destruction of the modern age.

The music has been described as a guttural onslaught of grime-caked riffs, as well as invoking claustrophobia and visceral disgust and I can assure you that these descriptions fit the music as it does invoke in me, a sense of some intensely graphic imagery.

My biggest critiques to this album, is that the seven songs on this album bleed together and so the album feels repetitive and very little ways to distinguish the songs from one another. Additionally, the songs are a bit of a “wall of noise” with one or two songs being the exception.

Since we don’t have too much time before mankind’s demise, let’s get into these songs!

First up we have Repulsive Obscurity. A cacophony of sounds open this song, for example, commotions, chaotic backgrounds and flies buzzing. The thrashing music opens with blasting drums, chugging guitar riffs and extremely deep growls. The tempo of the instrumentals slow and speed up at different times in the song making it feel decidedly chaotic. The screamed vocals sound like they’re coming from a demon itself, they’ve got echoed effects on them to give them a foreboding “evil” sound.

Secondly, there’s Resounding from the Depths. This song is full of sudden and abrupt crashing of the drums, repetitive chugging guitar riffs and basically the same deep growled vocals as the first track. Although the vocalist switches it up a little on this track by changing the timing of his growls.

Next is Lust For Torment, a couple taps on the drums, and then the instrumentation crashes in hard and fast. This song feels indistinguishable from the first two, the only thing that sets this one apart would perhaps be the drumming, it’s a little unusual in this song in that there’s a couple times where the instruments will die down and there will once more be a couple taps on the drums.

Song #4, Mockery of the Ascension featured all of the same elements that I’ve stated when describing the songs thus-far. Difference being that this song has some breakdowns and changes in the structure throughout the song’s course. The bridge towards the end was quite nice though and had a satisfying crash back into the chaos, this really helped as the album was feeling pretty repetitive up until this point.

The semi-titular track, Hymn of Perversion is opened with gory screams and growls, before the instrumentals come in and join them. This song is hard, fast and chaotic just like the rest, but it’s slightly different in that it feels less like a wall of noise, this song feels like there’s room to breathe between each instrument and so for that, I’d recommend this song first to anybody who’s interested in listening to this album.

The sixth song on the album, Pious Abnormality. Sounding reminiscent of gunfire, the guitar and drums open this song together. A rising growl chimes in, and from there forward the song has all the blasting drum beats, grinding guitar riffs and gut-wrenching growls you’d expect.

Finally, Throne of the Serpent, the final song on the album. A slow repeating crash and a growl ease us into this song before it speeds up and begins thrashing away. There’s a breakdown mid-way through the course of the song, other than that this song is essentially the same as the rest, and really hammers home the repetitiveness of the album, that I mentioned earlier.

Bestial Hymns Of Perversion is out March 23rd via Profound Lore Records, pre-order your copy HERE!