Genre-melding masters, (hed) p.e. will be making their long overdue return to Australia this March as they embark on their Worldwide Unity Tour!

Supports for all shows have now been confirmed!

Wednesday, March 21: The Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane

Kobrakai & Dirty Brew

Thursday, March 22: The Prince, Melbourne

Figures & Verona Lights

Friday, March 23: Fowlers Live, Adelaide (AA)

Surviving Sharks & Favour The Brave

Saturday, March 24: Manning Bar, Sydney

Segression, Red Bee & Squawk

Tickets on sale, now!

Official Event Page


Fusing rock, punk, rasta, gangsta rap and soul into something truly unique (and affectionately known as G-Punk), (hed) p.e. have been a mainstay in the rock and metal community since forming in 1994.

Over the course of their ten albums the band have continuously attempted to bring down the New World Order and the global elite via their socially aware and enlighten lyrics. Bringing attention to the evils that go on around us and control our lives.

In 2018 this is more relevant than ever! (hed) p.e. are the voice for a movement that empowers youth and explores secret world history, and at the same time promotes unity and political activism.

Couple that with their poundage riffage, solid grooves and funk-infused rhythms, you can dance your ass off while simultaneously tearing down the establishment!

So just what does (hed) p.e. stand for? The band’s vocalist since day one, Jahred Gomes explains,

(hed) p.e. basically means our consciousness is connected to the planet and the planet is evolving, therefore, we as her children, evolve with her. The “p.e.” originally was defined as PLANETARY EVOLUTION, and sometimes morphs to PLANET EARTH and back, but both carry the same message, the (Hed) is the symbol for consciousness. WE ARE ON THE MOTHERSHIP!