Ukrainian black metal act Drudkh has unveiled their brand new album, Їм часто сниться капіж’, which translates to ‘They Often See Dreams About The Spring’.

Overdrive Music Magazine is very proud to bring you the premiere of Drudkh’s new album. You can stream ‘They Often See Dreams About The Spring’ in its entirety below!

Grab a taste of the new album with the epic track, “U Dakhiv Irzhavim Kolossyu…”

This album marks Drudkh’s eleventh full-length album to date since the band first formed in 2002 under the direction of band founders Roman Sayenko and Roman “Thurios” Blagih. An ambitious and bold album, its mournful tones carry cold whisperings of forlorn nature; typical in style of Drudkh’s previous efforts. ‘They Often See Dreams About The Spring’ is a courageous and daring new step for Drudkh and black metal.

‘They Often See Dreams About The Spring’ is March 9th, 2018 through Season of Mist.

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