It has been a very long time since I have reviewed music but I am certainly glad to be back into the swing of things. Given the opportunity to listen to the latest release from an upcoming Metal band from Wollongong in Australia, Walk With Kings is pure metal, or, as stated on their Facebook profile: “Metal!!! No sub-genre……..Just metal!!!” which really makes me excited for what I’m about to hear. I am expecting some incredibly thrashy and aggressive music.

This EP opens with the title track No Lights, and at first listen, I was expecting an Iron Maidenlike ballad, but within seconds, I found myself headbanging along to a kickass drum beat and heavy guitar riff. This one is a short but sweet instrumental to set the tone for the rest of the record, and oh boy, am I excited.

Into The Night starts off very calming, but very quickly changes pace. This track hits hard with an excellent and memorable guitar riff. The vocals are very punky and aggressive, and I think that they complement these heavy riffs very well. In this one, we are treated to a super impressive guitar solo; it’s not often I hear a guitar solo that changes the tone of the song, but this one – while still being very dark – gave the song a much more melodic touch.

Up next is Inside Your Mind and this one starts with what I would call a slightly “cheeky” riff (because I expected a completely different song upon hearing this riff), before immediately kicking your ass with what I would describe as a full-on classic thrash metal sound. The presence of some incredibly outstanding chugging riffs during the verses once again had me headbanging without even realizing. Oh yeah, and there is a monster guitar solo once again that will satisfy and shred fans.

A Conscience Is A Curse caught me off-guard with the opening riff, giving a very Metalcore-like vibe. I certainly wasn’t disappointed as the rest of the song can only be described as an aggressive banger. Once again, these vocals are definitely complementing this hardcore sound while also giving a more melodic tone during the choruses with what I would say are “clean vocals”, as compared to the usual aggressive vocals throughout this EP.

Just like the others, Alone kicks into gear right off the bat then, leading into a kick-ass galloping riff before breaking into a slow headbanger verse. This song really gives off some Slayer/Megadeth vibes, but unfortunately, this also brings me to my first criticism of the EP as this song doesn’t offer anything spectacular like the other songs, and I found myself losing interest towards the end.

On The Cusp had a really groovy drum fill at around 1:43 in the song and a really impressive guitar solo heading towards the end. However, the song can be grouped with Alone in the respect that it sort of just blends in after a while.

The last track of the EP Liar gives off an incredibly hardcore vibe, and I couldn’t stop myself from headbanging through this one. But unfortunately, once again, I must add that after a short while this one blends in with the rest of the songs.

Overall, I actually really enjoyed this EP and definitely would love to hear more from Walk With Kings, and maybe one day even catch them at a show. After the first four songs, I felt like I was hearing more or less of the same thing for the rest of this record. But with that being said, it definitely isn’t always a bad thing; I just personally enjoy a whole new ride with each song.