A wonderful night was had at the Enlight EP launch down at The Workers’ Club. With great support by Sentia, Unlucky and Transience, the crowd were treated to an interesting show where each band brought something different to the line up.

The cheers grew as the crowd slowly grew during Sentia set. Their sound was a gentle yet strong prog which had a mix of smooth, slow and fast songs that either had the crowd swaying or bobbing heads. Frontman Amos Phillips had an amazing voice that could hit the higher notes well and hold others for a seriously long time. With prominent back-up vocals from guitarist Jason King and drummer Chris Bodin, Sentia gave a strong, dynamic sound that pleased the crowd. Overall the five-piece band had a good prog sound with a bit of rock twist at times. They were a great fit to the line-up.

Unlucky’s sound was very Rage Against the Machine meets rap. While being a strange choice to have for a prog show, this small three-piece band surprising went down well with the crowd. Full of energy, these guys had fast past and very heavy sound, their lyrics having a political focus. Guitarist Kosta Tsourdalakis had some pretty impressive riffs and it was interesting seeing frontman Walid Shahin have some harsh growls among his rapping lyrics. The dynamic between Tsourdalakis and drummer Kristina Tsourdalakis was intriguing to watch. These two played very well together and boy could they both play hard and fast. These guys were good and brought something different to the line-up. If you’re not a big fan of heavier metal then these guys aren’t for you. But if you are into a slightly harsh level of metal and enjoy rap, guilty pleasure or otherwise, then you should check Unlucky out.

Last on the support slots is Transience. Their set consisted of mostly lengthier songs that had a deeper sound. Front man Robert Cuzens had a lot of passion, throwing in some deep growls. Guitarists Tim Davies and Bob Parry worked well with bassist Andrew Thomas. Thomas’ bass gave a nice, deep and rich sound to the band that worked well. They crowd really enjoyed them as they were headbanging away. Overall Transience were your typical prog metal with a slightly heavier style that sounded fine.

And finally, the evening’s headliner Enlight. Having picked up some new fans after their performance at Progfest, the room was packed full with the crowd intimately close, already starting to cheer while the band do their final line check. It’s not every night you get to see a band where ALL members can not only sing but sing spectacularly, creating a rich and hypnotically beautiful harmony.

While playing some of their more well-known songs such as Lonely Road, 13, Voices and Water, they were able to give them a heavier twist for this particular show. Voices in particular had harsh drums and guitar for this show.

Their newest songs, Girl and Boy (‘Essence’) were different from their previous work using some backing music and audio, but was still in their usual style. Boy had a heavy context. Starting slow, it begins to grow with powerful dark riffs from guitarist Nguyen Phambam and Julia Mammone. As always frontwoman Rachael Graham has a sweet and captivating voice that is full of passion. The intensity hits a seriously high level when coming to a soft part towards the end where the audio samples discuss the topic of rape. With a moment for that to sink into the audience, Phambam moves into some intense growls before the song ends. The lyrics “What have you done?” are sung over and over again with harsh yet short beats from guitars and drums. This song had a powerful impact that left the audience silent and speechless for a moment before realising it was over.

Next they played Girl, which was a slower song. It had a much lighter feel with soft sound from the frontwoman with some heavier riffs by Phambam and Mammone as it goes on. The song had a sweet and beautiful sound, the audience swaying along. It was great to see Graham pick up a guitar during moments of the song, playing some softer riffs that matched the soft tone of voice she sang in for Girl.

Overall the show and their new songs were met positively by fans as the crowd swamped the merch desk. Enlight is such a talented band full of so much passion, soul and emotion. As a group they play beautifully together, each part enriching the others so that as a whole it comes together to create an emotive and powerful sound. This is a band that must be experienced live.