There are only ten days left until Hot Water Music grace the stage at the inaugural Download Festival. If you’re seeing the NOFX sideshow in either Sydney or Brisbane, you have an even shorter wait!

Having last set foot on our shores all the way back in 2011, bassist Jason Black couldn’t contain his excitement about getting to come back as he stated, “Even though this is going to be the fourth or fifth time, we’re always super stoked to get to come and visit!” before touching on when Hot Water Music was approached to play Download.

“It was a few months back,” Black began, “either November or December from memory.  For us, it wasn’t really that hard of a decision for us. Plus, it’s really cool that it’s the first year you’re having it down there! There are a few people that we’re looking to see as it’s been forever and ever that we’ve been down there. We’ve also never done a huge festival show down there, as we’ve always done club shows; so it will be a cool change of pace.”

Black then briefly touched on the upcoming support slot at NOFX’s sideshows, pointing out how: “that had been the plan from the beginning on our end, and as the sideshows got announced, it was an all-inclusive trip for us. They will be fun shows, and as it’s a long way to travel for just the one show, we’re really glad we have three.”

When asked to give an insight into what those who haven’t seen Hot Water Music can expect, Black pointed out how “we just kind of do our thing and we’re a pretty no-frills band as far as the set goes; I don’t want to pride ourselves on being a good live band, but we spend a lot more time playing shows than making records! We will be well-rested and bring a well-rounded setlist. For those coming to Download, we’re a little bit different to the other bands on the bill; I don’t want to say that we’re a sore thumb but we have a lot less guitar solos (chuckles). If anyone wants to have a bit of a break from the metal bands on the bill, come check us out and take it a little easier!”

With there being quite a few huge names on the Download line-up, was there any specific band(s) that Black wanted to get see perform? Black quickly proclaimed that “I am quite excited to get to see Prophets of Rage” before unfortunately pointing out one small problem:

“I know we are playing at the same time and there is a little bit of overlap; I don’t know just how much I’ll actually get to check out, but that’s someone I most definitely want to take a look at. Plus, getting to tour alongside NOFX will always be fun, as they’ve been friends for years. Hopefully we’ll get to meet some new folks at Download that we don’t know yet and make some new friends! That is always a focus when we go somewhere, as it’s most definitely one of the best parts of touring.”

November last year bought about a small change to the line-up for Hot Water Music, as Chris Wollard had to step away from the band to focus on his health. When cautiously asked if there was any updates that could be given on both Wollard’s health, as well as his possible return to the band, Black expressed how “that’s a very fair question to ask” before going into further detail:

“We actually don’t have a time-line on that. We’re still in touch with him and we still talk to him regularly, but it hasn’t come up so we haven’t really pushed it! As luck would have it, my friend Chris who has been filling in has been doing an amazing job. We’re in a very comfortable position with the way things are right now as far as the shows go, so whenever Chris is good enough to come back we’ll welcome him with open arms.”

Before drawing the interview to a close, Black delivered these final words to fans:

“We’ll see you guys soon and we’re really stoked to come back! This is the longest break we’ve had in coming down there for a while, so we’re really glad we were able to get at least these three shows. Hopefully it won’t be so long before we come back and get something that is a little more inclusive of places other than Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.”