Influenced by the popular hard rock/heavy metal bands Judas Priest, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and AC/DC, the members of the band Against Evil are also a successful hard rock cover band known as Echo.

‘All Hail The King’ is the April 2018 follow-up to the band’s highly successful July 2015 debut release, ‘Fatal Assault’. Delivering an unyielding heavy metal assault with punishing drum beats, exhilarating guitar riffs, and robust rhythmic vocals, their fierce heavy metal onslaught continues on ‘All Hail The King’ with nine new invigorating tracks. The prevailing declaration in the title track All Hail The King with electrified, weighty guitar riffs, thundering clashing drumbeats, and dominant melodic vocals. The forcible battle cry of Stand Up And Fight! with its driving, fast-tempo guitar riffs, rhythmic fast-paced drumbeats, and dynamic, commanding vocals is a standout. ‘All Hail The King’ is lyrically solid and heavy-hitting throughout, giving fans more of what they love from the band and metalheads across the world something new to get into.

Enemy At The Gate is the instrumental opening track on ‘All Hail The King’, wherein a low-toned acoustic guitar is accompanied by several stringed instruments and a slowly played piano. The slow-paced track ends with the sound of galloping horses, leading into The Army Of Four of whose charging riffs and beats add to textured vocals while the elaborate narrative of war begins. The in-your-face Sentenced To Death begins with pummeling beats and aggressive riffs synchronized with veracious melodic vocals, featuring a blistering solo by Arch Enemy‘s shred guitarist Jeff Loomis. The lyrics “You have no rights / Nobody cares” and “Hear the Tyrants call your name / You’re sentenced to death!” help you envision being captured by the enemy, as you’re locked away and forced to die.

Against Evil’s We Won’t Stop is a power-driven track displaying the band’s roughneck talent; with grinding riffs, powerful beats, and forceful vocals making it a solid statement. Perseverance and determination lead to historic victory, “Run, as fast as you can, cause we won’t stop / We’ll take you down,” once the enemy is in sight, the pursuit begins.

The closing track on ‘All Hail The King’ is the revved-up Mean Machine, brought to life by rhythmic, crunching guitar riffs, reverberant drumbeats, agile vocals, and a hastily screamin’ solo to round it all out.

Already standing on a solid foundation, Against Evil aims to make another impact with ‘All Hail The King’. The sophomore album flows with variations in percussion, riffs, and vocals shifting between the aggressive and melodic heightening the tone and tempo on each track. The album evolves musically and lyrically, generating visuals of preparing for war, the ongoing battle, and the aftermath as each new track escalates; mentally guiding the listener from beginning to end.

Against Evil, is a four-piece, old-school heavy-metal band formed in late 2014 from Vishakapatnam, India, comprised of bassist Siri Sri, guitarist Sravan Chakravarthi, lead guitarist Shashank Devulapalli, and drummer Noble John, with each member contributing to the vocals.

The members of Against Evil are on course to another highly successful release with ‘All Hail The King’, further cementing a name for themselves in the Indian metal scene in 2018. The band already won “Best Metal Band” in 2015 by Radio City and “Best Emerging Band” in 2016 by Rolling Stone, and with Against Evil’s solid new release in ‘All Hail The King’, it ensures a promising future for the band.

‘All Hail The King’ drops worldwide on April 6th, 2018. Pre-order your copy HERE.