Calling all fans of Sikth, I have some amazing news for you! It is exactly six weeks today before they play their first ever show on Australian soil, coming down as the main support for The Contortionist’s Clairvoyant Australia 2018 tour.

After a small delay thanks to the wonderful snow storms that England were experiencing, the first topic of conversation with founding vocalist Mikee Goodman was about how excited the band are to finally get to make it to Australian shores. Goodman couldn’t contain his as he expressed “we’re buzzing as it’s an absolutely amazing opportunity! Dan (Weller, guitarist) has been to Australia before, but for the rest of us it has always been an ambition to get to go there. For me personally, it has always been an ambition of mine; it actually became the top of the list once I crossed off going to America. It’s been this way since I was younger, so it’s pretty cool to finally get to cross it off!”

When asked about how the opportunity arose for Sikth to join The Contortionist arose, Goodman let out a small laugh whilst pointing out that “we actually have the same agent, so that helped a lot.” Goodman than went on to mention how “The Contortionist actually came and watched a show of ours in Chicago to check us out; they’re fans of the band and they wanted see us perform! They’re really friendly guys and we had a chat with them there. After discussing things we found out that both bands wanted it to happen, so we made it happen.”

Talking about the response from Australian fans about the upcoming support slot, Goodman was quick to point out “when the tour was first announced, the feedback and buzz was massive. All the people that I talk to in Australia have been buzzing and are really passionate about the upcoming trip; I hope that the Australians all come out in their numbers as it could be the only time we get to come to Australia!” Goodman then went on to talk about what fans can expect to see on this upcoming trip to Australia:

“We’re going to be played songs from all of our releases, ‘Opacities’ included. Even though we’re a bit older, we’ve got a younger body in the band within Joe (Rosser, vocals); we feel that we’re a fresher outfit and going to Australia will bring out a lot of passion, a lot of emotion and a lot of energy! The main thing that we have to do is make sure we can play some of the new songs; because we’re playing a support slot we will just go in with the most energetic set we can and play that! We’ve got quite a lot of knowledge from all the years we’ve playing our tunes, so we’ll probably play stuff like Bland Street Bloom, Flogging the Horses, Part Of The Friction, Hold My Finger and Pussyfoot as crowds usually mental for them. When we go and play a show, we want all the crowds to go crazy! That’s what we’ve always buzzed off as a band; as a front man I’m always trying to get as much energy from the crowd as I can. I’ve heard great things about the Australian crowds, I can’t wait to get out there and check it out myself!”

Now that Sikth are getting to cross traveling to Australia off the ‘to-do’ list, it was the perfect opportunity to ask about what the future holds for the band; in particular, whether or not there had been any discussion about a follow up to 2017’s ‘The Future In Who’s Eyes’. Goodman was kind enough to give an in-depth answer, which also discussed a major setback from the creation of ‘The Future…’:

“We’ve talked a little bit about this and that; unfortunately not only did the last album took so much out of me personally, but the band want to go our different way about writing the instrumentals.  Before anything else, I need to catch my breath and start letting the poetry flow again; that last album broke me poetically, as there was so much extreme effort and intensity in the writing process! It is always important that you have to wait until you recharge, you’re ready and feel like you’re fresh enough; then you can go for it.”

Drawing the interview to a close, Goodman had this passionate message for Australian fans:

“Please, just come out; tell all your friends and come see both us and The Contortionist. Not only give the new record a listen, but make sure to give it a chance as we want to see all the energy from Australia and what everyone is telling us about. Please come show your faces and your passion, thanks.”