Electronic rap-metal outfit Neshiima have just unleashed another music video for their track ‘Believe’ ahead of their EP release this coming Friday 23rd March. Vocalist Liam Hesslewood talks about the song relating to Chester Bennington’s passing and mental health.

“BELIEVE is about overcoming personal struggles of self-belief and shedding the shame of self loathing. The song came about when I was contemplating childhood bullying and how that kind of thing can really stick with you – right into your adult life. Having the knowledge that these events are in the past is a comfort. Knowing that you can climb that mountain of fear and succeed is more than comfort – that is indeed power. Soon after we finalised this song, the announcement of Chester Bennington’s death was posted on Social Media. That memory will forever stick with us as Chester and LINKIN PARK played a huge part of our teenage years when getting into music.”

Neshiima’s EP ‘Purple’ is out this Friday 23rd March.

The EP is made up of five tracks from the hard hitting reality check of “Wilderness” discussing the manipulation of news in social media, to the arena rousing choruses of “Pulled Apart” this young hybrid of emotion and aggression speaks the words we all need to hear.

Thriving in a new age meld creating a symbiosis of Linkin Park meets Asking Alexandria, be it the electro-rock chorus of “Believe” or the huge chorus of “Here Forever” (featuring a guest appearance of Forever Never’s Renny Carroll).


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