There is nothing more important than supporting home-grown talent; even though you may love seeing huge international acts grace our shores, you mustn’t forget that they all started somewhere! Agnesis are an up and coming Progressive Rock band from Perth who released their debut album ‘In Places We Keep’ on March 11th. Not only that, but they are also going to be performing at the Stormrider Heavy Metal Festival in April; if you haven’t had a chance to either listen to the album or see Agnesis live, here is your perfect opportunity to cross both off at the same time!

Taking time out of his busy schedule, Daniel Christoffersen (Vocals/Guitar) first opened up about how long Agnesis had been sitting on the completed album, pointing out how “the songs were written over a year ago, but it took quite a while to get them recorded due to the costs, changing members (and the time needed to learn the material), studio availability and a million other challenges that pop up during the process of making an album. We started tracking the drums in April 2017 and finished around February, but we waited to release it until all the other pieces for the promotional campaign were in place, e.g. t-shirts printed, music video finished, websites and social media platforms built.”

When asked if there were any problems that arose during the album creation, Christoffersen responded with “it seems like everything that could go wrong, did. But at the end of the day, it only makes us more proud that we got to a finished product. Our drummer left the band halfway through the process due to some personal problems. Luckily, the drum tracking was finished at that point but it made more work for the remaining members to pick up the slack, plus the added challenge of finding a suitable replacement and preparing for the shows we had scheduled. We had to remix the album a few times due to files being lost and computers crashing. Thankfully we had help from Chris Gebauer from Perth-based band Deadspace who stepped in and saved us. We also had a lot of communication problems with the guy who put together our artwork. He currently lives in Argentina, so it was quite difficult to have a discussion with him about certain issues. This album has been a true exercise in character building.”


Touching on what sort of feedback the album has received so far, Christoffersen pointed out that “it seems to be getting quite a good response within Australia; as this is only our first album, we are using it to build a fan base. We seem to be getting new listeners/followers everyday (according to bandcamp and Facebook statics) so it seems the hard work is paying off.” Christoffersen was also very happy to mention how “we are getting some radio play in America, mostly community/local radio stations dedicated to metal and rock. So much so, that a North East American tour is on the cards in the next year or two. We have sold a few T-shirts and CD’s in Spain, and we seem to be building a fan base in the UK!”

Turning his attention to the upcoming Stormrider Heavy Metal Festival, Christoffersen was quick to express how “we are very keen to be part of the Stormrider festival. We were fortunate enough to play the Stormrider after party last year, so it is great for us to progress to playing on the main stage. I have been going to this festival for a few years, and it always pulls a big crowd and great bands. Plus Black Steel will be awesome to watch, haven’t heard them in a long long time!” Christoffersen then took a minute to talk about the chance that the rest of Australia will get to see Agnesis, happily mentioning “that is exactly what we are figuring out now. Our plan is to hit Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane by September this year. But like everything, it takes a whole bunch of planning and capital. Hopefully all our planning continues to go well and we can announce an east coast tour in the very near future.”

Drawing the interview to a close, Christoffersen had these final words for readers:

“Support the bands! Buy a CD, buy a shirt or whatever the bands are offering. That money goes straight back into funding more recordings, tours and videos for the fans.“