Kaosphere, Australia’s up and coming metal act from the Gold Coast, has released their single Chokehold together with the official video of the song. Chokehold is a taste of Kaosphere’s energetic and relentless live performances and set for early release as part of self titled EP, “KAOSPHERE”, available Friday the 13th April 2018.

The video was premiered on Friday, 23 March 2018, at Heavy Mag.

Chokehold is an urban reflection:

Life and its endless struggles can crush a Man’s world and vaporise his dreams. Sometimes pain overwhelms his senses, reality is interrupted by his inner scream. There are only two choices, numb the pain or face it. Inevitably what is held inside must be released. It is then he sees himself in his reflection…

When life’s got you in a Chokehold you can count on a wake up call… a hectic beat drives the narrative, while an agony driven vocal tears down the tension filled reality.

“We know people like this, people that live paycheck to paycheck, hocking their TVs and valuables to tie them over for the weekend. Its relentless and consuming…”, shares Kaosphere vocalist Ricci Dyer. “We’ve all struggled through that reality, it breaks you down.

Set in a working class suburb on the Gold Coast. The video was filmed by Aversions Crown founding vocalist, Colin Jeffs.