After having released debut album ‘Polyester Zeal’ in 2015, Ohio’s Red Sun Rising are releasing their sophomore album ‘Thread’ on March 30th via Razor & Tie!

Taking time out of the mental preparation required whilst out on the road, vocalist Mike Protich was more than kind enough to answer a few questions about the upcoming album; what better place to start than about the hype surrounding ‘Thread’? Protich opened off the interview by pointing out that “there hasn’t been a lot of pressure, but it was a different kind of drive and motivation going into ‘Thread’, simply because we did have some success with ‘Polyester Zeal’” before explaining in greater detail:

“That was exciting in the sense because with ‘Polyester Zeal’, we got a lot of people to pay attention to the band. Now that we have these people to pay attention to us, we need to deliver again and exceed what we did; not only for them but for ourselves and that is a different kind of motivation. We were aiming to make a more musical album all together, as we weren’t focused on making great singles or trying to make it to number one! I think we accomplished that with ‘Thread.’”

‘Thread’ is aptly named, because Red Sun Rising don’t consider themselves to fall into the classification of one or two genres; when asked if that was always the intention of the band, Protich states how “it wasn’t an intention; it just naturally happened. During the early stages of the band, we decided to not try to be different but just do what we loved and we believed in. If you’re writing music and making art that you really believe in, then you can’t go wrong! We’re not chasing trends, we’re not trying to sound like anyone, we’re not trying to sound like a certain genre; we’re just making music and art that we love and we really believe in. When you do that, I think that it naturally happens that you won’t fit in a mould!”

Considering that March 30th is still to come, just how long have Red Sun Rising been awaiting this date to come around? Protich started off by mentioning “we got the final mixes around late fall 2017 (October/November) and we’ve been really itching to get it out! We’re so glad to get these first three songs at least and really get the buzz going. If you’ve heard the three songs we’ve released, you can really tell how each song is drastically different and that’s telling of how the whole album is. It’s going to be like a box of chocolates; not to quote Forrest Gump or anything but you never know what you’re gonna get with us! It wasn’t intentional but we just wrote songs that we loved and however it came out that’s how it came out.”

Protich then gave a very personal and intimate insight into the mindset of the band, explaining that “when this band is writing, if we get stuck on something or get frustrated and feel like we’re trying to force it, we just move on. When you force it and it’s not natural, not only does it not feel natural but I think people can see through that. When you try to make something generic, try to package it and sell it, or make something that doesn’t naturally come out of you, people can smell it and we don’t want to be that band!”

It might not be well known, but Red Sun Rising have started to feel more like a band than ever before. This is a very big statement to make; that’s why Protich was asked at what stage during the creation of ‘Thread’ he started feeling like this:

“When we finished ‘Polyester Zeal’ and started touring on those songs, three of the band members weren’t actually involved in the ‘Polyester Zeal’ record! They were playing these songs live and putting their own personalities into them live, so the songs from Polyester started to morph and evolve. Even though we’ve known these guys for years and they weren’t random people, we just gelled instantly and those influences carried into the writing. The songs morphed, the song writing evolved, the sound evolved and by the time we got to the recording process, everyone knew what their strengths were, how to use them together and it just felt right because everyone knew what to do.”

When asked if Red Sun Rising picked up anything during the creation of ‘Polyester Zeal’ that made things easier this time around, Protich quickly replied with “in every record we’ve ever made” before pointing out how “even back in our independent days before ‘Polyester Zeal’, we’ve always learned from the process. It made us smarter; not only as song writers, but as producers and players and we take that knowledge with us every time. We also learnt a lot from Bob Marlette who produced ‘Polyester Zeal’, as it was our first opportunity to work with a real producer. When we were writing, we kind of had that experience in mind; how did we change the songs in the studio and make them what they were? We started to write that way which made us smarter song writers, because we started to think about the production of the whole thing, We saw the image of the song and thought how can we make it unique, cool and add texture and depth to it, thanks to that learning process.”

Drawing the interview to a close, Protich had this to say about what the future holds:

“Right now we’re on our first US headline tour; we’re actually only on the first day! We’re gonna be on that for a while, before we start doing some festivals and then doing some dates with The Used. We’ve just announced another tour in late summer with Godsmack and Shinedown, which is going to be huge! There’s probably going to be a lot of US touring this year and 2019 we’ll really try to hit up Europe and Russia, and hopefully come to Australia.”