British death metal band Casket Feeder have released their new video ‘The Supremacy of Idiocracy’.

The band commented “‘The Supremacy of Idiocracy’ is a no-holds-barred attack on bigotry and the ideology of white supremacy. Lyrically, the track pulls no punches and is a call to arms against the ugly resurgence of far-right agendas, with the accompanying visuals serving as a sobering and unflinching reminder of the atrocities of the KKK. In these modern times of social and political turmoil, the Supremacy of Idiocracy is a blunt force blow against those who rally beneath the banner of hatred and divide.”

Watch the video here:

About Casket Feeder:

Blending the chainsaw fury of Swedish Death Metal with UK Hardcore’s sledgehammer groove, Casket Feeder are a punishing trifecta of brutality, rage, and power.

Founded in late 2016, Casket Feeder quickly built a reputation for a blistering live show and hard nosed DIY ethic. In support of their self- released and recorded debut EP Venomous Tongues, the band burnt their mark across the UK playing and touring with bands such as Venom Prison, Conjurer, Heart of A Coward, Ingested, and Leeched.

With their upcoming EP Scalps, Casket Feeder are primed to unleash a new offering of heightened extremity. Recorded by James Burke (The Infernal Sea) and mixed & mastered by Samuel Turbitt (Ritual Studios) Scalps is an incendiary state of the world address taking aim at political corruption, social divide, and the deep seated injustices of today. Set for release on June 1st through Hibernacula records, Scalps will see Casket Feeder further carve their name into the UK underground and beyond.