After releasing their eighth album ‘Outsider’ last year, Comeback Kid has been a very busy quintet! From America and Canada to England, Portugal and the rest of Europe, they’ve been travelling to all corners of the world and in May it is Australia’s turn. We are getting to experience a dual Canadian attack as Comeback Kid come down to support Silverstein.

After getting to speak to vocalist Andrew Neufeld last July about the upcoming release of ‘Outsider’ (read the interview here), this time around it was primarily about the upcoming trip to Australia. First topic of discussion though, was about how life has been since the album launch:

“We find its best when we put out a record and are able to put those songs into the set. Hearing the response of those songs when they go off as the highlight of the set is unreal! It’s bought about a fresh excitement, shows have been really f**king cool and we’re seeing more and more people coming out; it’s been super positive so far.”

Throwing back to the previous interview briefly, Comeback Kid listed off a few places that they would like to get to travel to on the upcoming tour cycle for ‘Outsider’. When asked whether the band had crossed any of those places off yet, Neufeld pointed out how “since the album has only been out six months, we’ve only done four tours in that time and they’ve been focused on hitting the main spots. I find that the more far off and roads less travelled continents are best left waiting, as we’re still scratching the surface of the A-Market.  Australia was on that list and we’re glad to get to come out there within the first year of the record, considering you can have a good couple of years playing all over and not hit everywhere all at once; the world is a big place!”

Neufeld excitedly added “the highlight of the most recent trip was Spain; it somehow turned into pandemonium for Comeback Kid. That’s probably one of my favourite places to play from now on.”

After realizing how long it has been since Comeback Kid were last in Australia, Neufeld expressed in pure disbelief how “that’s f**ked up man, that’s too f**king long!” before proclaiming “I’m so excited; it seems crazy that it’s been that long. I produced a singer/songwriter named Chasing Ghosts a couple of years ago to produce a record for him; so it hasn’t been that long for me, but for the band it’s been a while. When we put out a record Australia is one of that places that we have to come back to ASAP, as we have a lot of connection there for different reasons.”

Touching on the upcoming support slot for Silverstein in May, Neufeld gave a small insight into the history between the two Canadian bands; this shows why Comeback Kid was the perfect choice:

“We’ve known those guys for ages and we’re all good friends with them; I think the last time we toured was in 2007 with Rise Against. They’ve asked us to do a couple of things and it never worked out, plus the last few tours we’ve done in Australia were more hardcore shows; with Rotting Out last time and a co-headliner with Deez Nuts the time before. We thought about doing a headliner for ‘Outsider’, but Silverstein asked us to come down and we were free at the time; we wanted to do a support tour and play to some different people! It’s not going to be straight up hardcore, but we’re excited to bring our flavour to a different kind of show.”

Neufeld then dropped an exclusive about the upcoming tour:

“We’re self-releasing a 7-inch just in time for the tour; it’s a cover of Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil. We’re going to be dropping it online shortly, but the 7-inches are only available at the shows. Plus we’re only making 500 in total, so if you want to get one you have to come get it from us!”

Drawing an interview to the close, Neufeld had this final message for Australian fans before they arrive with Silverstein in May:

“Let’s f**king do this! We’re just excited to get back there; It’s always a special opportunity to go back and we’re gonna be playing a lot of the old s**t and some of the newer stuff. It’s gonna be a really fun time and who knows; we may play Beds Are Burning live!”