Metal band Fozzy kicked off their current leg of their highly anticipated Judas Rising Tour at the Turner Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Fronted by vocalist Chris Jericho (best selling author, and WWE superstar), along with band members consisting of Rich Ward (lead guitar), Frank Fontsere (drums), Billy Grey (rhythm guitar), and Paul Di Leo (bass guitar) rocked the house! The band has been around in some form or another since 1999. However, it was with the release of their seventh studio album Judas that launched the band back into the mainstream, headbanging, metal forefront. With the help of their highly popularized song ‘Judas’ in 2017, and their latest release ‘Painless’ making it to number 19 on Billboard charts! Which, it’s worth the mention that ‘Painless’ beat out metal giants Metallica with their newest release! Definitely a proud and much deserved moment for Fozzy!

We were able to catch the show in Milwaukee and Fozzy did not disappoint! Packing a punch of high energy showmanship, shredding riffs, and overall fun vibes! They proved to be headbanging, all horns out worthy!

Opening the show were Dark Sky Choir. Belting out tunes and solid riffs reminiscent of the old school metal that we all know and love! Even paying homage to metal’s finest, DIO. Joyous Wolf took the stage next to get the crowd pumped. Not the average rock or metal band that you might expect, but show stunners none-the-less. They energized the crowd with their high impact energy and wild stage presence. Through Fire were the last of the supporting bands to take the stage. Setting the metal tone for what was to come for the remainder of the night.

The filler music suddenly stops. The stage lights go dark. The sound of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs rings throughout the ballroom. Silent, red sirens flashing. The band makes their way to the stage. The crowd cheers and screams as the man of the night, whom we’ve all been waiting to see, Jericho himself appears. Starting the party off with their hit song, ‘Judas’ wildly exciting the crowd. The band rip through songs such as, ‘Painless’, ‘Drinking With Jesus’, ‘Enemy’, and ‘Sandpaper’. In between songs, Jericho would engage the crowd, asking them to scream louder for him! He even had a few stories to

tell. This was Fozzy’s first time playing the Turner Ballroom. It is worth mentioning that they have played the Rave (Eagles Club) in year’s past. Jericho reminisced about the time he was told that the Rave was haunted, and he had somewhat of an paranormal experience while playing there. Great stuff!

All in all, impressive vocals, shredding guitars, massive amounts of energy, crowd engaging, monster of a show! The Judas Rising Tour was an outstanding to experience. I highly recommend you catch a show or two on their last leg of the tour! Do it!