When I think rock as a genre, I think of bands such as AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith etc. Well now I can officially add the Los Angeles rockers Little Caesar to that list after having a listen to their eighth studio album appropriately titled ‘Eight’. Never heard of Little Caesar? Let me give you a quick rundown. Little Caesar arrived 1987 being managed by the legendary Jimmy Iovine, guided by John Kalodner and produced by the one and only Bob Rock.

‘Eight’ begins with basically what you would expect from a rock album. The opening track 21 Again opens with your classic catchy hard rock guitar riff and stays alive with pure energy from start to finish. We are treated to a highly energetic guitar solo and I can happily say this will have you tapping your foot until the very end.

Up next is Mama Tried and this one is immediately catchy from the second it starts. I don’t think I could say you’d head-bang to this one, but you’d be lying if you said you didn’t catch yourself just dancing to this one. This one just has classic rock written all over it.

Vegas comes in next with yet another classic sounding guitar riff to start the song. Songs like this one, Straight Shooter, That’s Alright, and Morning can only be described as your classic stock standard rock ‘n’ roll songs.

Little Caesar relevant

One of my favourites on this album is the more laid back Crushed Velvet. While only a little laid back this definitely has the best chorus of the entire album, featuring really cool backing vocals before the lines “Crushed Velvet” and then continuing into the next few lines you will find this one stuck in your head for sure.

Up next we have Good Times and boy this one really brings in the heavy with a solid guitar intro, but the best part of this one is the slightly overdriven guitar throughout the verses, playing arpeggios that give off a real pretty but eerie feel. I personally really enjoy this one.

Now we really take a step back with the slow emotional track Time Enough For That. While still keeping that ballsy rock tone, vocalist Ron Young manages to really put so much emotion into his voice. I can already imagine the audience having their lighters out and ready to go for a live performance of this one.

Another standout for this album is Another Fine Mess, this one is an incredibly bluesy song introducing piano into the mix.

While I’m not the biggest rock ‘n’ roll fan I can honestly say I fairly enjoyed this album. Would I go back and listen to it again? I probably wouldn’t anytime soon. But would a fan of rock find themselves blasting this one over and over? Most definitely!

Album available via iTunes HERE!!