‘Erase Me’ is the upcoming eighth album from American metalcore legends, Underoath. Due for release via Fearless Records on April 6th, ‘Erase Me’ is the bands first album since 2010, and is also the first since the bands reforming in 2016. Previously well-known for being a Christian band, this new album is an absolute roller coaster and I think fans will be pleasantly surprised with the new direction.

The current line-up of the band is lead vocalist Spencer Chamberlain, drummer and clean vocalist Aaron Gillespie, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Timothy McTague, rhythm guitarist James Smith, bassist Grant Brandell, and keyboardist Christopher Dudley.


The first track on the album is It Has To Start Somewhere and it kicks off with Gillespie and his drums, which are then joined by the guitars and Chamberlain on vocals. There is a mix of clean and screamed vocals in the track, with the choruses having an emphasis on the screams. There’s a breakdown after the first chorus and then the clean vocals are back briefly before the next chorus. It’s a great track to start off the album, and to start off the new sound of Underoath.

Track two is Rapture, the second single released from the album. It has a more industrial sound to kick it off with a lot of synthesisers, reminiscent of tracks like Closer by Nine Inch Nails. There’s an eerie feel to this track both musically and vocally, and that carries over to the music video as well. The verses are very stripped back with the focus being on Chamberlain’s vocals, and Gillespie’s drums. Rapture in my opinion is an early highlight for ‘Erase Me’ and lyrically is an extremely visual track.

Third is On My Teeth which was the first track released from ‘Erase Me’ and was the track that gave fans the ‘new’ Underoath. There is a lot of screamed vocals in this track but it’s balanced out with the clean vocals in the choruses. The clean vocals on this track, and on others, are provided by both Chamberlain and Gillespie. Chamberlain’s range is very impressive and he is able to seamlessly switch between clean and screamed vocals. For someone who has been a fan of Underoath for a long time, this track brought both excitement and apprehension from me upon my first listen, but the more I listen to it, the more I like it. As a first single, it was a great teaser of what the new Underoath was going to look like.

On My Teeth Music Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlDVOIO1rIA

Next is Wake Me, which is comparatively a ‘slower’ track than the three preceding it but it’s by no means a ‘slow’ track. Keyboardist Dudley gets his chance to really shine in the backdrop of this track and the piano gives this track that little something extra. It’s a stand out track lyrically for me and is above being tired of sleeping and looking for salvation. The vocals in the outro are creepy but beautiful and are a great way to round out the song.

Track five is Bloodlust and opens on beautiful synth and drums before the vocals come in. Chamberlain gives an incredible vocal performance throughout but his clean vocals at the start of the track are the highlight. The verses are stripped back to just drums, piano and vocals, with the heavier guitars, bass and drums come in during the choruses. There’s a perfect balance between the ‘light’ and the ‘heavy’ in this track both musically, and vocally.

Sink With You is next up and those eerie vibes from Rapture are back but not in a bad way. The first 30 seconds of this track are different kinds of synth that continue throughout the song. Instrumentally, the drums are the stand out in the track for me and Gillespie really gets his chance to shine and ‘show off’.

Rapture Music Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kq1a_oMPswM

Next is ihateit and it’s another one of the ‘slower’ songs on ‘Erase Me’. ‘You’re the only thing that gets me high and I hate it is repeated during the chorus and you get a real sense of what the song is about from that. Ihateit is definitely a song about being unhappy about the circumstances of a certain feeling that you’re having and there is so much emotion in Chamberlain’s voice whilst he’s singing. Musically this is one of the stand out outs and is up there in regards to being my favourite in the album. The track ends kind of abruptly but it bleeds into the following track.

Hold Your Breath starts right where ihateit ends but is completely different. The vocals in this track are extremely aggressive and it really does show off Chamberlain’s chops as a vocalist. Musically it’s a lot more aggressive than the previous track and it gives the album that diversity in needs. Its’s another standout track and is a great example of how Underoath have managed to stay at the forefront of the genre, despite only reforming two years ago.

No Frame is track nine and it opens with synth and a gorgeous bassline that is soon complimented with drums and vocals. It’s a very bass heavy song and Brandell really gets his time in the spotlight throughout and shows off his impressive skills. No Frame is a vastly different track than the rest of the album and shows another side of Underoath off. It’s a very ‘rough’ and industrial sounding track and I really look forward to hearing it performed live.

New Album Announcement Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xfGS_sUbuw

Track ten is In Motion and it’s one of the heaviest tracks on the album, especially in comparison to the previous track. I personally got lost in the vocal melodies and had to listen to the track a few times before I could focus on it. There is a lot I could say about this one but I definitely think it’s a track that is very open to interpretation on what you think it’s about. It’s probably my favourite song on the album.

Finally we come to I Gave Up, the final track on ‘Erase Me’. I Gave Up is just over four minutes of eeriness and beauty and I don’t think any other song could have been a better fit for ending the album. It’s a hauntingly beautiful track and the energy and emotion from the whole band is evident.

It’s a new era for the Underoath guys and I for one am really excited to see them make a comeback. These 11 tracks are beautiful and the six members do an amazing job together and are a tight, cohesive unit. Can’t wait to see what is going to come next!

Pre-order your copy of ‘Erase Me’, out April 6th via Fearless Records from the official Underoath store HERE!