Escape The Fate are back with their 6th studio album, ‘I Am Human’ which is ‘the truest form of Escape The Fate to date’ said frontman and lead vocalist Craig Mabbitt when I interviewed him back in January which you can check out here.

‘I Am Human’ was released yesterday and whether your about to listen, or have just listened, let us guide you through it track by track. The current line-up of Escape The Fate is vocalist Craig Mabbit, drummer Robert Ortiz, lead guitarist Keven ‘Thrasher’ Gruft and rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist TJ Bell.

Track one is Beautifully Tragic, and no that’s not my description, it’s the title. It opens with beautiful electric guitar and drums before Mabbit’s vocals begin. It’s a great track to start this new sounding Escape The Fate and is full of energy and cohesion. Lyrically it’s a reminiscent track full of memories and looking back on something being ‘beautifully tragic’. There’s also a rather impressive guitar solo from Gruft around the 2 minute mark.

Next is Broken Heart, which starts off considerably slower than the previous track and is full of emotionally charged vocals. This track is one that you can already hear will be a success at live shows, with plenty of beautiful choruses to sing along to. It’s also a great break-up song that you can play as loud as you want as a bit of a fuck you to an ex.

Four Letter Word is next and it’s back to loud and fast electric guitars to open and it keeps the pace interesting and upbeat. It’s a rock ballad if ever I’ve heard one and touches on topics that are so prominent in music today, such as love, hurt, and losing someone that you’ve loved.

Track four is I Will Make It Up To You and it opens with drums, the first track on the album to do so. Musically this track is vastly different than the first 3 tracks in speed and tempo. This one is one that’s going to make you want to jump up and down and scream along with Mabbit. There’s another great guitar solo and if you’re not doing some mad air guitar while it’s on then you’re not listening to it right.

Bleed For Me is next and it’s a call out to lovers and lost lovers everywhere. It’s the slowest track of the album so far and the emotional music is matched with Mabbit’s emotion filled vocals. Commercially I can definitely see this song being very successful and can even picture it being on the soundtrack of a drama film.

Next is Do You Love Me and it’s the heaviest track on the album so far. The track is really high energy and will once again be a great track in a live setting because vocally it’s easy enough to pick up in the chorus and you can really play off the crowd with it. There’s also a nice mix of clean and unclean vocals in this track and it’s nice to hear a track that harps back to earlier ETF material.

I Am Human is the title track and is next up on the album. It’s one of the more different tracks on the album and it opens on piano. It was the first single released for the album if I’m not mistaken and was a way of announcing the new sounding Escape The Fate. It’s another emotional track but it also has a great message. The message of this track in particular is about staying true to yourself. even though you may be a little different than everyone else.

Next is If Only which is an entirely acoustic track. It’s a track about losing a loved one and wishing that you had somehow changed this before you lost them and having regrets now that they’re gone. There are several vocal harmonies in this one that are all from Mabbit and it’s just a lyrically beautiful track.

Track nine is Empire and it’s my personal favourites on the album. It was one of the earlier singles that was released and it’s and musical masterpiece. There’s an electronic element to this track that keeps it fresh and current while still staying true to what Escape The Fate are known for.  It’s fast, it’s loud and it’s high energy, definitely one of the stand out tracks on the album

Recipe For Disaster is track ten and it keeps the electronic elements that were introduced in the previous track. It’s a nice crossover track – the electronic elements give it a dance track feel, while the drums and guitars give it the rock song vibes. There’s a lot of parts of this track that have gang vocals that you can’t but help sing along to. You’re also going to be up and moving throughout and it’s a real challenge to sit or stand still while you’re listening.

Next is Riot, and it’s a bit of a throwback to rock bands of the 80’s and sort of has Guns’N’Roses, AC/DC and Metallica vibes with power chords and chugging guitars from start to finish. It’s also got a great chorus to sing along to and is a track that you can definitely picture going off at live shows.

Digging My Own Grave is track twelve and it’s heavy, it’s loud and it’s fast. The latter part of this album is extremely different from the earlier parts and the change is perfect. It’s a great example of how ETF can show off light and shade. This is a great track to headbang to and the louder you listen to it, the better it sounds. Mabbit gets to show off his vocal skills again and seamlessly switches between the clean and unclean vocals in this track.

Track thirteen is Resistance and it’s another track that starts on drums, Ortiz getting to show off his impressive skills. Musically this track is quite impressive with a heavy focus on the drums and guitars. Aside from the music side of things, this track isn’t really anything impressive and seems to be a bit repetitive. It’s really the only let down track in my opinion. There’s a great guitar solo towards the end but that’s sort of the only highlight.

The final track is Let Me Be and it’s another acoustic. The acoustic is a freshing change of pace again after 4 really quite heavy tracks. It’s a great track to sing along to, and to listen to loud while driving down the freeway doing 100 with the windows down in the middle of summer. It’s a great way to finish off what is an aesthetically, musically and vocally appealing album that is a new and fresh era for Escape The Fate.

You can pick up your copy of ‘I Am Human’ out now via Eleven Seven Music HERE!