Sense Of Fear describes their name as very dark a deep feelings blended with a key instinct for humans to survive. Hailing from Kozani, Greece, formed in 1998 as a Thrash/Metal band citing influences by popular bands such as Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Nevermore, Manowar, Slayer and Pantera.

The band was originally named Holy Prophecy with members Giannis Kikis, Themis Lakovidis and Markos Kikis, a year later in 1999 the band recruited three more members Lazlos K, Antonis K also changing their name to Sense Of Fear. By 2003 the newest members left the band, shortly being joined by Asteris Z till 2005 when he had quit and the addition of Dimitris G joined. 2006 was a productive year in musical terms for the band with the band writing three more songs for their Self-Titled release. Between 2007 and 2012 there was a period of inactivity, fortunately the down time was short lived and the band came back alive and kicking with Ilias Kytdis returning as the Band’s vocalist in 2013 and Sense Of Fear began writing and recording material for their October 2015 Self-Titled EP release.

‘As The Ages Passing By…’ is Sense Of Fear’s full length debut featuring 10 aggressively driven tracks like the hard-hitting album opener “Molten Core,” filled with resounding drum beats, grinding guitar riffs, emphatic vocals and a powerful solo. The somber track “The Song Of The Nightingale“, is a slower paced track with subdued drums and guitars, an emotional vocal account and piercing melodic solo. The album closes with the fast-paced title track “As The Ages Passing By…Time Still Runs Against Us“, with heart-pounding drum beats, revved-up guitar riffs, along with powerful vocals and an ear-splitting solo to end out the album.

Slaughter Of Innocence” is a. electrified track with buzzing guitars, intensified drums and strident raspy vocals. The track is fast-paced that’s both melodic and aggressive and includes a powerful electric solo. “Angel Of Steel” is a super-charged power driven track with the sounds of crushing guitar riffs and thunderous drum beats. Along with dynamic vocals and a fast-paced harmonic solo the track stands apart from the others.

Lord Of The World” is a hard-hitting track with adrenaline force beats, bone-crunching guitar riffs, fast-paced with thrashing vocals and piercing solo. “Sense Of Fear” is the self-titled track blasting saw-like guitar riffs, thunderous drum beats, booming vocals and an almost hypnotic solo. The track progressively accelerates giving it a charged-up feel.

As The Ages Passing By‘ is an action-packed album with each track telling its own dark emotive story by describing the various pains we feel in life. It mixes different elements and genres that added uniqueness to the album with the unsparing crunch of the guitars and riveting drum beats. The variation in vocal talent and overall tones behind the songs brings the listener into Sense Of Fear’s world relating them to similar experiences.

After 20 years of highs and lows, several changes with band members and periods of inactivity, Sense Of Fear has turned something old into something new and innovating, producing a heavy-hitting debut. ‘As The Ages Passing By…’ releases worldwide on April 20, 2018.

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