Do you like your rock music? Great! You’re going to love this one then!

Flickertail are a four piece rock band from the inner west suburbs of Sydney in Australia who “play guitar-fuelled rock and roll exactly the way it’s supposed to be played”. These guys cite Thin Lizzy, Oasis, The Darkness, and Aerosmith as their influences and let me tell you… The Darkness vibes are strong here. While I don’t find myself listening to very much rock music but now and again I get the opportunity to check out new music to review and more often than not I always get the good stuff so enough of me talking about nothing, lets listen to Flickertails latest EP “Hurry Up And Wait”.

The record starts off with Let There Be Love giving us a tapping guitar solo very reminiscent of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck, and that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not original sounding, that’s just the first thing that came to mind when I heard it. Right away the other overdriven guitar comes in with a real hard rock type guitar riff which I must say is an incredibly groovy and memorable one. Let There Be Love is an outstanding opening rock track and featured an impressive guitar solo as well “that classic” rock finale.

Up next is Talk and from the second this one starts you know it is going to be a more emotional song. With that being said the song quickly becomes more upbeat once the drums kick in. The thing that I enjoy the most is that while this one becomes more upbeat it still maintains the initial emotion felt with the opening of the track. A small section during the chorus has some rather excellent falsetto vocals which really called out to their influences of The Darkness. The bridge/breakdown of this one instantly caught my attention, starting slightly menacing before going into a real Led Zepplin like vibe.

While songs such as Fade Away and Back Of My Mind were decent tracks in themselves, I felt they didn’t really bring anything interesting to the table and could very easily be overlooked when listening to this record.

On another high note however Green Eyed Girl in my opinion is the best on the EP. This one kicks off with a groovy drum fill and maintains a swing beat throughout with a nice guitar solo over the top at the start of the song. Liam Whelan’s voice is simply perfect in this one and the vocal melody is very soothing alongside the clean guitar parts during the verses. The harmonic guitar solo about 3 minutes in was a great finishing touch before exploding into the final chorus.

I honestly really enjoyed what I heard tonight, this is a very good EP from an upcoming Australian rock band. Flickertail are definitely one to keep an eye on.


Purchase ”Hurry Up And Wait” here from Golden Robot Records!