Swedish contemporary rock contenders Hypnos are returning to release “The Gothenburg Sessions“. Never heard of Hypnos? No problem! Because “The Gothenburg Sessions” showcases some of their biggest hits, two brand new songs and a cover of ABBA’s “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” to top it off.


Hypnos hope that this record will be a next step in their career and a real turnaround for the band.

The album starts with “Ain’t No Fool“, which starts with an upbeat, fast guitar riff. Chords follow alongside the drums and the whole instrumentation becomes more electrifying and energetic. Vocals chime in, they are reminiscent of the 80’s metal vocalist sound to a tee, they’re powerful and soaring. The fact that this is a live album gives credence to the talent.

Next up is “Border Patrol“, it starts out very jammy, with an exciting drum pattern ushering us into another upbeat guitar riff. The song has everything you’d expect, shredding guitar riffs, classic metal chord progressions and wailing vocals.

Hands of Evil“, the third song, begins with recurring and powerful drums beating hard, guitars playing and ringing out alongside it. There are some real interesting guitar effects in this song, lots of string bending and solo-esque riffs. Vocals are a little more gruff this time around, giving the song a slightly heavier feel.

Taking the fourth spot is, “Nightmares“. It starts like a melancholy ballad, we’ve got soft, echoing guitar notes reverberating and immediately triggering emotional vibes as songs like these typically do, but it also amps up and rocks hard. The vocalist on this song could not be any more reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne if he was 70 and couldn’t speak and it’s beautiful. This song is a definite high point in my opinion.

Looking Out” is next and honestly, high octane guitar riffs, fast-paced drums and soaring vocals is the most you can say about this. It’s fast and to the point, but it’s a lower point of the album. It’s alright, but it feels like there’s no substance to this song as there is with the others.

Strangely titled “1800” is the next song and is opened with a heavily distorted kind of “Wah” guitar tone. It plays steadily and continues as it’s joined by drums and vocals. The vocals on this song have a distinct delivery that’s a little hard to describe, it’s low and bellowing but smooth and howling. The song has a strong contrast in its structure and an extremely long guitar solo.

Seventh song, “The Mountain” starts somberly, with a marching band drum beat opening the song. A quick-paced and distortion heavy guitar riff plays as the vocals chime into another of the heavier songs with lower and more gruff vocals.

The final track is the band’s cover of ABBA’sGimme! Gimme! Gimme!“. The iconic intro is re-done in a much more metal rendition and the cover as a whole just screams 80’s metal. It’s just as funky and enjoyable as the original and really resonates to a fan of rock and metal as it’s been re-done beautifully.