Art As Catharsis is proud to release the crushing new release from Auckland’s Bridge Burner: ‘Null Apostle’ – a genre-defying plunge into pure heaviness propped up by a backbone of white-hot aggression.

While the band cite Botch, Godflesh and Gorguts as large influences, their tar-doused sound seems a far and unique fling away from these three. ‘Null Apostle’ forces listeners into a thick mire of deep ear-shattering tones, fluctuating between heavy rhythm and grind driven riffs – never relaxing for a second.

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“Frontman Read remains viscerally physical and emotionally raw, but Sinclair is a phenomenal drummer. He looks at ease while his hands blur between blinding blast beats. He and guitarist Hughes can stop on a dime, ease suddenly into slower sections, or just as suddenly escalate the pace to shattering point. They’re a band who know that exactly the right amount of tension and contrast adds to the impact of their crushing violence.” – Live Review, 13th Floor

Cultfathers serves as both the first single off ‘Null Apostle’ and a turning point for the album. Starting off with a brooding introduction, the song jumps from droning, hypnotic riffwork into pure heat, aggression and savagery in the blink of an eye. Blast beats simmer below harsh howls, serving as important pieces to a mix of distant and in-your-face moods and composition. Bleakness thrives in this well of aural terror, slowly filling with despair as the suffocating instrumentals rise above the listener’s head.

“Cultfathers explores the dark side of masculinity, how it permeates and seeps from generation to generation, and how we all suffer as result,” explains vocalist Ben Read. “If we want to change the trajectory of where humanity is heading, us men need to reassess what we pass on to our children. The current climate of personal and moral values is in a rather sorry state due to the whole Trump phenomenon, and if we don’t want to carry on falling face first in the gutter, we as men are going to need to stand up and push back.”

‘Null Apostle’ wastes no time in cementing itself as a strong contender for metal album of the year. The sheer musical diversity of the record spans across genres like black metal, math, crust punk and more, coming together like a Frankenstein’s monster of aggressive music. It’s truly one of the most challenging, evil sounding releases of 2018 – made even more impressive that it’s come from our neighbours in New Zealand.

Bridge Burner’s first single, Cultfathers is available now through Art As Catharsis.