Calling all fans of Devil You Know! You most likely already know that there was a hiatus in music being created for legal reasons, but were you also aware that Howard Jones (Vocals), Francesco Artusato (Guitar), Ryan Wombacher (Bass/Backing Vocals), and Mike Sciulara (Drums) have been able to put all that behind them and create music again?

After having to sit idle for a long time, these four guys have come back with a vengeance. Teaming up with Nuclear Blast Records, they have recently released their new album ‘Revival’ under the new name of Light The Torch. Talking a couple of days before ‘Revival’ was released to the masses, Jones pointed out how “I can only imagine this is what giving birth feels like; it’s just been such a long time! It’s sat on the shelf as we went through a lot of hardship together, but you can’t beat being able to come out on the other side and have something that we’re really happy with.”

Jones then mentioned, “I believe we finished it around August at a rough guess. Even though that’s a while, that’s also just the year to year and a half where we did nothing . It was right around that time we had to sit on our hands, go through everything we went through, and then write/record an album whilst just being quiet and getting to work”.

Jones goes into further detail about how Nuclear Blast was chosen to distribute the album worldwide. “We worked with them with Devil We Know and they were interested; we told them that’s a little more melodic but they wanted to hear it! We sent it and they were the only one we sent it to. We had that relationship with them and it was very cool to be able to continue it because there are a lot of good people who work there and it’s been nice to have everybody behind us with this!”

Over the course of Jones’ career, he has worked on quite a few albums which means that he would have learnt a few different tricks of the trade. When asked if there was anything from over the years that gets carried into each recording session, Jones pointed out: ”If anything, I’m just writing a lot more consistently,” he affirms. “I pretty much do that daily, even if I don’t use it. It’s just to get into the habit of doing it, so that what you write means something for you. Also just spending the amount of time I did with the guys in the band and how we bonded; we actually recorded everything together. It’s like all the crap was worth it and it makes it easier to look ahead and not look back at what might have been or anything like that!”

Taking time to look from the past to the future, Jones pointed out the one lesson he learned this time around was to “just make it as comfortable as possible; know that you’re gonna work but be comfortable” before explaining how much of a difference that made for the band:

“That just made it easy for all of us, as we all had a really good time and there was no pressure. Having a goal that was ours and not pushed on us is what really made it nice for us. We wrote it, we recorded it, we hired the producer and had the studio time; this was all on us! We didn’t have a contract, we didn’t have a band name, and, as this is two to three years in the making, there wasn’t a big lead up to ‘Hey, we’re writing’ through to ‘Hey, we’re mixing’. We just got everything done. We got new management, new booking, and everything had to change. When we stepped out again, we wanted to be totally ready to get out on the road!”

Giving an insight into one last personal perspective, Jones was asked if he had a personal favourite track on the album? After quickly replying with “Honestly, I don’t think I have one”, Jones explained: “I can usually get from 25 to 40 demos, so whatever makes it on the album, it is meant to be there . Even in the studio, there was one song where I was in the vocal booth and I came out and said, ‘I think that lyrically this song is terrible’ and we didn’t do it. This album was us; if it’s on the album, it’s meant to be there because we did it together!”

That last statement resulted in Jones giving a rare but treasured insight into the kinship of the band, mentioning that “We actually do like hanging out together; we go camping and we go fishing, both on and off tour. It’s nice to know that you can work hard and still just be silly guys. I’m the same guy that was waking Fran  up by throwing rocks at his window at six in the morning! Things have gotten better because all of the hardship and difficulty; it was worth it because we’re some dudes who are just happy we are where we are now.”