As A Rival, whose single Bring Out The Dead has been absolutely bringing out the lovers of raucous rock n roll since it dropped a few weeks ago. The track takes a mixture of rock riffs and punk
sensibilities, throws in catchy hooks and melodic, anthemic choruses and makes it 100% their own.

The single has been doing JUST FINE on it’s own, but today they are throwing a videoclip for the straight-up banger out into the world, and they are announcing all their mates who are joining them on the road on their “Bring Out The Dead” Tour later this month. Their tour celebrating the single kicks off April 13, taking in Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney!

The videoclip shows the band in an all-out attack on the viewer’s ears – the band frenetically bashing the song out in a sweaty and urgent performance.

The single has found it’s way on to multiple spins on Triple M on Homegrown and on their newly-minted “What’s Next” with Ugly Phil on Triple M Modern Digital, as well as rotation add on The Faction and the track premiered at Heavy Magazine.

New single ‘Bring Out The Dead’ thematically deals with the dystopian world that we imagine ourselves in. Second guessing, under pressure, claustrophobic, we question everything we do, spiralling into the abyss and bringing the worst of ourselves without ever focusing on the good things we do for us or others.

The new material was recorded at Homesurgery Recordings – Produced by Tom Larkin, Engineered by Samuel k Sproull & Jon Grace and Mixed by Samuel K Sproull, Mastered by Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz and Tom Beard at Deluxe Mastering.