Overdrive Magazine had the chance to catch up with Dave Gleeson of The Screaming Jets to chat about their up and coming tour ‘Rock Radio Riot Tour’ with pals Boom Crash Opera and the new covers album in the works ‘Gotcha Covered’ which is set for release June 2018. 

The Screaming Jets are a great staple in the Australian music scene, and it was a privilege to speak with Dave Gleeson about the past and present of The Screaming and gems the boys have in the works for 2018. 

We started the interview chatting about the tour the guys are kicking off in August, called the ‘Rock Radio Riot Tour’ accompanied by Boom Crash Opera. “well it’s going to be great fun because what we’ve just done is recorded a full album of covers of Australian classic songs that we all and had the fans put in a bit of input into the songs they would like to hear us record.” He said. The guys had a list of 30 or so Aussie songs and put it to their Triple M audience to vote on. They ended up with a total of 16 hits to cover, which they plan on showcasing throughout the tour. Gleeson states “so yeah! Going to be a great party set for us and obviously throw in the jet songs that everyone knows and loves, also throw into the mix all the great songs from boom crash opera that they have had over their career. Going to be a night of hit after hit.”

  Before the tour kicks off the guys have set up two shows at Sydney’s iconic rock venue The Bridge Hotel in Rozelle on the 3 and 4 of August for a little Q & A, a little preview show party. “Get people along there in the afternoon have a bit of a sausage sizzle, and few light beers.” He laughs about the light beers as that is what he will be having. Dave Gleeson goes on to tell me some of the great songs they will be playing, these included OVERKILL by Men At Work, Rock And Roll Damnation by AC/DC, and Purple Sneakers by You Am I.  

Gleeson let me know that he is halfway through a six-week break that he felt the crowd needed. Being the front man for not only The Screaming Jets but of course The Angels as well which meant he was out and about a lot. “If I was on tour with The Jets it would say ‘tonight The Screaming Jets’ then it would have the list of stuff coming up in the next month and inevitably The Angels would be on that list somewhere. So, I just thought I would give people a little bit of time to spot being sick of me and get back on the road in early May with The Angels.” He said. Gleeson also spoke about how he has been having a great time doing the stuff he doesn’t always get the chance to. like doing the school run with the kids, making lunches and driving to the kids to their sports carnivals. 

I asked about the amazing run that The Screaming Jets have had, starting back in 1989 they are now coming up to their 30th anniversary. This is what he had to say, “like any business, it’s had its ups and downs, we’ve achieved some amazing things.” He also stated, “looking at it overall it’s fantastic, we’ve had a great time and to still be doing it for 30 years is a testament to the hard work we’ve put in.”   

Their song ‘Better’ is such a classic I wanted to know if they still had the same love of it after all this time. “Absolutely! I am not one of those guys who says, I wish I didn’t have to play that song.”  He spoke about how there is a great connection between the band and the crowd whenever they play ‘Better’. “yes, it is a great moment between the band and the crowd. Everyone’s waiting for the 1,2,3,4! For it all to go off and it’s a great shared moment between the crowd that I don’t think we will ever get over the joy of having that happen.” He said. 

After chatting about all the amazing things that The Jets have done over the years with some recent sold-out shows under their belt, I wanted to know if he had anything he wanted to say to the fans. He asked that everyone checks out the new that they are going to bring out called ‘Gotcha Covered’ “its 16 tracks that have influenced us and that we’ve popped along to over the years.” He states that it will give fans a little taste of where they came from and how they shaped their sign writing. He also wanted to add “for anyone who’s got a corporate Christmas party coming up at the end of the year The Jets playing this track listing is just perfect.” This would make for a memorable office party. 


The dates for the upcoming Rock Radio Riot Tour are below!