Only 4 weeks remain until FOLLOW THE CIPHER release their self-titled debut album on May 11, 2018 through Nuclear Blast. Its cover artwork was created by no less than SABATON‘s Chris Rörland.

Following a few trailers, it’s time for the next single, Carolus Rex. Guitarist Ken Kängstörm co-wrote the song some years ago with SABATON vocalist Joakim Brodén. Now this anthem has also found its place on ‘Follow The Cipher’. Watch the matching music video over on YouTube:

Ken commented:

“I am grateful to have gotten the opportunity to write this song with Joakim Brodén. We had a blast doing this one and every part came together very easily. A song that has a big place in my soul.”

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Follow The Cipher – Track Listing:

01. Enter The Cipher

02. Valkyria

03. My Soldier

04. Winterfall

05. Titan’s Call

06. The Rising

07. A Mind’s Escape

08. Play With Fire

09. I Revive

10. Starlight

11. Carolus Rex

Bonus DVD

01. ‘Valkyria’ – Music Video

02. ‘Carolus Rex’ – Music Video

03. ‘A Mind’s Escape’ – Lyric Video

04. ‘The Rising’ – Lyric Video

05. ‘Enter The Cipher’ – Live from Masters of Rock

06. ‘My Soldier’ – Live from Masters of Rock

07. ‘A Mind’s Escape’ – Live from Masters of Rock

08. ‘Winterfall’ – Live from Masters of Rock

09. ‘I Revive’ – Live from Masters of Rock

10. ‘My Soldier’ – Live from Falkenberg w/ studio sound

11. ‘Carolus Rex’ – Live from SOA w/ camera sound

12. Presentation – Ken Kängström

13. Band Interview

14. Masters Of Rock – Vlog

15. Sabaton Open Air – Vlog

16. Behind The Music Videos – Vlog