Aussie thrash and death metal outfit Decryptus may have been on the quiet side with the releases for a little while. But, with their latest single Merchants of Discord released a few weeks ago and tour in support of the track on the run, the Murwillumbah quartet are still proving their strength and worth with no trouble whatsoever. So, with some fresh material straight out the studio, we spoke with vocalist Will Magnusson about the song, the music video that came equipped with it, and their current tour cycle.

“We recorded at Yarrow Studios, which is where we practice so really easy going vibe as we’re there a lot. We recorded over two days and went for a heavier sounding production than on our EP which I think really payed off. We were lucky to get the mix appraised by Daniel Bergstrand from Dugout Productions in Sweden. He’s an absolute legend who has recorded and produced bands like Meshuggah, Soilwork and Behemoth. We then had it mastered by Lawrence Mackrory who has also worked with bands like Decapitated. So, we’re real happy to get those guys on board and with the final product.”

If you so happen to find and read the lyrics to Merchants of Discord, you will find some very political themes involved, dealing with the corruption in the government. According to Magnusson, it’s a recurring theme for him to bring up in Decryptus’s music.

“I’m pretty anti-government-everything in my lyrics” he says. “I really feel like our socio-political system is failing and lot of people are disillusioned by our government and politics in general. I mean we’ve had four Prime Ministers in the last five years. Plus, the crazy global political climate we’re in at the moment feels like World War III could be right around the corner. It all goes into my lyrical content, mixed with a sort of dystopia world view from books that I really love like George Orwell’s 1984, A Brave New World and even The Hunger Games.”

The band’s single was accompanied by a music video that was released on YouTube, which has received great responses from fans. When asked about the assemblage of the music video, Magnusson mentioned that even though Merchants of Discord deals with political topics, there was a special theme that came from a film that inspired the direction that Decryptus were aiming for.

“We produced and shot the video ourselves with our good friend Jamie Larken from House of Phoenix Eleven Photography. I directed and edited the clip myself, having not much experience. Originally we sort of started with a layered world beneath the world’s concept, kind of like The Matrix. To create a microcosm of the underlying political climate and all the underhanded shit we don’t hear about. Dom (Zambelli), our bass player mentioned the 1989 movie “They Live” which is about a guy who finds these sunglasses which allow him to see the world beneath; a world that’s run by aliens who have enslaved the human race. So, we borrowed ideas from the movie and made it about a girl whose reality is shifting and she can start to see the world beneath. She cuts out her eyes because she can’t handle real “reality” and it all ties in nicely with the Orwellian lyrical themes hence the quote at the end of our video clip.”

So, with Merchants of Discord being the latest incarnation from Decryptus, this seemingly, has been the most transparent sign of the band getting back into the studio to put together a full-length LP. Magnusson has also been hinting in the record sounding heavier and darker than their debut EP ‘The Necrotic Design’, and that they’re moving even further into death metal territory.

“We have been slowly writing material for a full length album for the past year now and it’s all starting to come together now. Hopefully we can get into the studio at the end this year to record. Our new material is definitely heavier than our EP. More in line with our new track Merchants of Discord. We used to see ourselves as more of a thrash band. But we have definitely moved into the realms of death metal but still trying to keep our thrashy roots.”

With the new single now ready for the world to hear, Decryptus organised a tour across numeral cities in Queensland and New South Wales with the support of multiple bands including Kaosphere, Facegrinder and Septik Piggery. As it turns out, Decryptus have had a history with all of the bands, and a few of them had been touring in support of their own material.

“We started the tour in the Gold Coast and the new material went down a treat, which is always nice. I was stopped many times by people who had seen the video clip to tell me how great they thought it was. We (Decryptus) and Kaosphere first played together probably a bit over a year ago and we just got on really well and have done many shows together since. Timing worked out perfectly, they released an EP and we released a single, so we thought we’d tour together. We supported Facegrinder on their last East Coast tour and when the opportunity to tour with them came we jumped on board. Facegrinder are also bringing over Septik Piggery from WA so really keen to see them live. The only other bands we’ve played with on this tour is our good mates Nescient from the Gold Coast who are about to release a new EP and Inhuman Remnants from Canberra who are also releasing a new single.”

You can pick up your copy of Merchants Of Discord HERE!