Photos by Nicole Smith-Walker

People say that lazy Sunday’s are the best way to spend Sunday’s and some people are spending the day as the infamous seedy Sunday. For a few of us, however, it was a Sunday to listen to some good old classic Australian rock for our lunch as Rose Tattoo put on a show at Richmond’s infamous Corner Hotel.

The sun was shining as people starred lining up to catch local support Dallas Crane. It was definitely a much older crowd compared to this reviewer but that was easily expected. Within 10 minutes of Dallas Crane hitting the stage to kick off the show, it was evident that it was a sellout show as most of the venue was packed. People were standing around, grabbing a drink from the bar and singing along to the likes of ‘Billie’s Gonna Die Young’ and ‘Dirty Hearts’. They even belted out the AC/DC classic ‘Let There Be Rock’ which had everyone joining in on. The ARIA award winners of a support band were rocking hard and fast and having a joke about how they travelled so far from Melbourne to The Corner Hotel which had many people having a laugh. With Dallas Crane being a headlining band themselves, it definitely showed just how big the headline act ahead is. If this is the first time you’re reading about Dallas Crane or have yet to see them, get down and see these good Aussie rockers when you can. They have the iconic sound to them similar to that of AC/DC, Cold Chisel and the day’s headliner, Rose Tattoo.


Formed back in 1976, Sydney rockers Rose Tattoo are a must-know name for Australian rock. Disbanding and reuniting multiple times over their vast career and having played with the likes of the legendary Guns ‘N Roses back in their huge 1993 tour of Australia that broke many records and also broke some records themselves throughout their time, the band is known world wide.

There is one man though that the reputation of the whole band falls upon. Leading vocalist Gary “Angry” Anderson. Nicknamed for his angry attitude through his youth, Anderson had a successful career in both music and his major role as a youth advocate.

With a much older crowd comes the different eras of Rose Tattoo shirts. Some where wearing Rose Tattoo shirts from their 1980’s shows, a few from the infamous 1993 tour and there were quite a few from this tour as people had been trying to attend all of the Rose Tattoo shows they could.


Rose Tattoo came out five minute early to a completely packed house to blast out ‘One of the Boys’. The venue was already in full swing and enjoying themselves. It wasn’t even 3pm yet and the drinks and good music were flowing like a good Saturday night. Quickly following up with ‘Juice on the Loose’, the whole crowd were singing along and head banging along.

The fans up close to the stage were fist pumping hard and proud to ‘King of the Town’ in which, right after, Anderson yelled out “I forgot it’s not even night time out there” which came with a loud cheer. Even at his ripe age of 70, Anderson was not showing it during his performance, still moving like he was back in their prime.

Blazing through ‘Assault & Battery’ and ‘Tramp’, people where raising their glasses to the 1978 classic ‘Rock n Roll Outlaw’. It’s been 40 years since it was released and it still sounds as amazing live as it does from the studio recording that was released.


Announcing the next song as a Melbourne song, everyone cheered for they knew ‘The Butcher and Fast Eddie’ was about to be played to the enjoyment of all fans and their guitarist Bob Spencer absolutely tore up the solo to the enjoyment or, not only the crowd, but the whole band as they watched on.

People were chanting along with ‘Branded’ as Anderson was taking the occasional swig out of his stage drink which looked to be either wine or something a bit stronger but couldn’t quite make it out. They may have released a new album Blood Brothers this year yet it seems this show was a greatest hits show and boy were they delivering what the people loved.

They did play a new song in ‘Black Eyed Bruiser’ which sounds like classic Rose Tattoo so is still well received by all fans. They followed this up with ‘Rock n Roll is King’ and ‘Scarred for Life’ to bring it back to being a classics set.


It was when the must love classics ‘Bad Boy for Love’, ‘Astra Wally’, ‘We Can’t Be Beaten’ and ‘Nice Boys’ came on that the whole crowd went insane. People were clapping a long, fist pumping and singing their hearts out to the classics that made Rose Tattoo home grown legends. For any Aussie rock fan, they are four must-see songs as the blues-rock encapsulates the whole Australian spirit. Even reciting the ANZAC speech before starting ‘We Can’t Be Beaten’ as a call to our heritage and our fighting spirit.

A lot of older fans would have seen them already but if you are a lover of all this Aussie rock, catch them while you can as you never know when they may finish up.