After releasing both Trouble and Gone Away as a teaser on last year’s ‘A Decade of Destruction’, Five Finger Death Punch have followed up by recently releasing Fake in anticipation of their newest album ‘And Justice For None’. It will be released on May 18th, in both a standard edition and a deluxe edition via Eleven Seven Music

Getting to speak with bassist Chris Kael about ‘And Justice For None’, the first topic of discussion was about the excitement levels within the band about the fast approaching release date; Kael was quick to point out “we’ve had so much trials and tribulations during this particular record, so to be able to get the record out on May 18th AND be over both the legal and personal battles is just fantastic! We’ve had this one in the pocket for a little while and thanks to the legal battle, we’ve been able to add a couple of extra songs which has worked in our favour. Everybody’s happy, everybody’s doing well and we’re excited to be touring the world again!”

When asked if both the standard and deluxe editions will be released on May 18th, Kael quipped “I believe so, although I may be speaking out of my ass; after all I am the bass player and always find out everything last” before letting out a chuckle. Kael also stated “I’d assume we have several different options available on May 18th; when you’re putting out a record, you want the first week sales to be strong and get you to that high chart position! We’ve had a bunch of #2’s in a row, so fingers crossed that we can reach #1 with the support of all the knuckleheads around the world.”

When asked how the guys came to cover Gone Away by The Offspring, Kael was quick to mention “The Offspring is one of Ivan’s favourite bands and he actually has an Offspring tattoo; he’s been a huge fan for a long time!” before touching on why the band wanted to pay tribute:

“I remember burning through their first two records when I was delivering pizza back in Kentucky, so I’m also a big fan of the band. To use a pun, it’s a very moody song lyrically and Ivan took that lyrical content and presented it with music that we thought gave tribute to the effect that song has. We love the original, but decided to give our own take on it; after all, what song is a cover unless you can add your own spin to it!”

After a very successful career that has spawned six albums and a greatest hits album over the past decade, this interviewer was curious about what keeps the flame alive and the desire burning within the band; Kael enthusiastically stated “we love playing the music that we write and getting up to play it for the fans as well; the moment that stops, live becomes less fun. It’s a very rewarding process for us to get together, write these songs whilst therapeutically hashing out stuff that we’re going through, before helping those who end up listening to it. There’s nothing better to have that creative outlet that helps us, helps out other people and is a great job.”

Briefly touching on how our interview had to be pushed back a couple of weeks, Kael gave a small insight into what the band had been doing around that time:

“We actually just wrapped up filming the video clip for Sham Pain a couple of weeks ago. It was great to get out into the desert and create a fun vibe! Usually we like to create one serious music video and then one fun video, as you get the heavier stuff out of the way and counter that with some tongue in cheek stuff. Sham Pain gave me a chance to flex up on my comedic skills; if you’re a fan of the Jekyll and Hyde video, you’ll really like Sham Pain as well.”

When asked about a possible viewing date for fans, Kael quipped “it’s in the editing process right now, so as soon as that’s wrapped up we will get it out. I would assume that’s going to be around the time of the record; but I play bass, I shake my beard and that’s out of my pay scale” before letting out another heartfelt chuckle.

Giving a great insight into the future of the band, Kael pointed out “we always try to one-up ourselves and I think we’ve done that with our new live show!” before going into greater detail:

“If you’ve seen any of the new pictures of the stage show we took to Europe, there were a heap of new things that added a lot of wow factor to the live show; plus we’ve also been changing up the set by taking out some old stuff and putting new stuff in! Whether it is professionally or personally, we’re just constantly trying to one-up ourselves and become closer to the perfection and excellence that we demand of ourselves.”

Drawing the interview to a close, the question of Australian fans getting to see Five Finger Death Punch on our shores before long was raised; Kael expressed “I am certainly hoping so! The last time we were there was for Soundwave Festival, so it’s been a few years and we’re long overdue a trip back to Australia! The fire has been lit under their asses and I’m hoping to get over there soon, but as I say on social media “that’s a #bookingagent question”.

That response drew another chuckle from both parties as Kael explained “it’s the best answer to all those questions; I love it as it makes life so easy! We do appreciate everything they do and everywhere they have taken us, but when fans are asking when we’re coming to play here or there, #bookingagent lets them know who is really in charge.”