Calling all fans of Dream On Dreamer: not only are they releasing their long awaited fourth album ‘It Comes And Goes’ on May 25th, but they’re also kicking off a nationwide tour on May 31st!

The first topic of conversation with vocalist Marcel Gadacz was about the excitement levels within the band about the fast approaching release date for ‘It Comes And Goes’. Gadacz was quick to mention “it’s definitely a very exciting feeling! We’ve spent so many years always leading up to a point where you can release a new album; with this being our fourth album and the first one in a while, it’s a bit nerve wracking but very positive and very cool.”

When asked about how long they’ve been sitting on the finished product, Gadacz pointed out “it’s been about three months, but we had to get a lot of things in line and prepare a lot of things behind the scenes for the release. There hasn’t been a day where we haven’t worked on this and there’s always something to do every day until the release.”

Dream On Dreamer released third single Let It In recently and Gadacz gave a great insight into how that decision was made:

“We looked at all our songs and we were really happy with how all ten songs on the album turned out! We got thinking that because we have a couple of softer songs and a couple of heavier songs, Let It In was the perfect transition from the previous songs that we released. You still get that more heavy feeling on the instruments, alongside vocals that are still heavy but still delicate and tell a story; it was a perfect transition to introduce people to our somewhat new sound in 2018.”

Let It In had huge footsteps to follow, as first two singles Don’t Lose Your Heart and Stay racked up a combined 7.8 million views on YouTube alone! Speaking about the feedback that’s been received, Gadacz proudly states “Let It In blew away all expectations because it has been a while since our last song Stay; from what we can tell, everybody is on board and the feedback has been amazing! Before now we’ve never had a song picked up by a radio and placed into rotation, so knowing that it’s on Triple J every day is something we never thought would happen.”

Taking time to touch on the upcoming tour, Gadacz was briefly relaxed whilst stating “it should be a very cool tour, as we’ve spaced it out a little bit so we can make the most of it; looking at how the pre-sales are going, both Melbourne and Sydney are about to sell out!” before the enthusiasm creeped out in his voice:

“It’s just a beautiful feeling to have people showing so much enthusiasm and pre-buying tickets when the album isn’t even out yet. We’re also so excited to get out there and play new music, as we’ve been playing a solid set of mixed songs for a couple of years; I wouldn’t say it’s a fresh start, but it almost feels like one as the sound is a little bit new.”

Speaking to Gadacz on a personal level, this interviewer was curious if there was a personal favourite song that he was looking forward to performing; Gadacz diplomatically points out “even though one of my personal favourites is Runaway, it’s really hard to answer as we’ve tried to make every song on the album as if we were writing a single; by the time you finish every single song, you should be feeling that excitement we felt when we were writing it! I just want to play them all live, show people what we’ve been doing these last couple of years and where we’ve been putting our heart.”

Talking about what fans can expect to see at the upcoming shows, Gadacz explains “it’s one of those things; if people are familiar with the way we perform, it’s very real, passionate, intimate and raw!” before going into further detail:

“We really pride ourselves on just being us; if you want any sort of personal interaction, the upcoming tour is going to be exactly that. We’re just going to be us on stage and it’s going to feel like a family, as we know our fans are committed and have actually taken the time to know a lot about us.”

Drawing the interview to a close, Gadacz shared one of the most personal and heart-touching messages this interviewer has ever written:

“I’m trying to bring one message across through being in a band and creating art/music; always try to just be you! I know it sounds so simple, but a lot of bands in the music industry try to sound like other bands, a lot of vocalists try to sound like other vocalists, other guitarists try to sound like other guitarists; I think it just comes down to be yourself, as you are worth as much as someone else is worth. The beauty of life is that you can really be yourself, so that’s the message I want to bring across: be you, do what you love and be good.”