Abolishment Of Flesh are a two piece extreme metal band out of Texas. Comprising of Ramon Cazarez on guitars, vocals and drums, and Isaac Chavez on guitar, their sound very much leans towards blackened death metal with technical and melodic elements. ‘The Inhuman Condition’ is their second release and their first full length album. This album was essentially ten years in the making, and definitely has a polished feel to the sound. There are commercial elements that make it clear the band are looking to take things to the next level, but the album still delivers good old blackened death brutality. The first song Inhuman Anatomy launches straight into the expected blast beats and grinding riffs. The first thing that stands out is that there are melodic elements to the guitar work, which grabs the listeners interest. The second thing that stands out is the vocals. First you hear the low guttural growl typically associated with death metal, then you hear the high pitched scream often associated with black metal. These two vocal lines play off of each other. Its not often you hear these two vocal types together but in this instance it really works. The song is well composed with different parts that flow together, and an intricate guitar part that almost has an old school thrash element to it. As an opener, it is surprisingly good.

Next up is Lack Of Emotions.  This song starts out very black metal in style, with soaring guitar riffs and heavy blast beats. The two different vocal styles appear again, with the black metal scream given more time. The growled vocals are more coherent and understandable in this song, which draws the listener further in. This song has various key and pace changes, and flows smoothly through each change. You can really start to hear the bands various influences too, particularly Cattle Decapitation, Suffocation and, of course, Death (this is death metal after all).  Mass Execution follows pretty much the same thread as the previous song. There is a polished, commercial element to this that gets a bit ‘samey’. The track is well executed but doesn’t rally stand out. Thankfully we get back on track with Morbid Imagery. This song is simple but very enjoyable, and is very much in the death metal vein. This is the kind of track you rock out and headbang to.

Things pick up again with Reborn Abomination. This song is more straight up old school death metal and it really works. The guitar parts are more complex and the whole song steps it up a notch. We start to really here what the band is capable of, as well as indulge in some solid grinding death beats. We continue on this death metal thread with Servitude Of Endless Suffering, which has little to no black elements but some quite noticeable thrash influences. The production on this lets them down a bit, as the drum sound is woody and doesn’t get that deep, heavy sound that you expect from extreme metal. We get back into more commercial territory with Slaves Of Animosity.  I have heard the term “In Flames inspired melodeath” in relation to this band before and this track really bring that statement to mind! You could almost see this song being engineered to be more friendly to a wider commercial audience. But what it lacks in edge it makes up for in composition. The band go for some complex key and pace changes, and really put the guitars to work here. The Suffering is much the same, and sounds like the most likely song on the album to be released widely. Things get a bit repetitive at this stage, but there are enough heavy riffs to keep the listener interested.

With Throne Of Deception, the band brings us back to a more extreme style and it is refreshing. The pace is breakneck. There are still melodic elements to the guitars, but the vocals really kick it up a notch. Every death metal album has that one track you can’t keep pace with when head banging and this is that track. This track feels like a return to a more raw, old school sound and it works. The black metal element returns in full force with Wake Of Depridation. The guitar riffs have that fast paced soaring sound, and the drums get a heavier sound. The vocals really  come to the fore on this track, with timing and range getting more complex. That raw element really takes over and the song is better for it. The song has some very heavy, rhythmic parts but the pace is always fast. This track was a real highlight for this reviewer. The album is closed out by the track Weeping For The Decayed. This song is pure blackened death metal and would be great to see played live. A real track for fans of the genre, with no melodic, ;polished elements. The guitar parts are still complex and well played, with a real grab-you-by-the-throat solo. This is a song you can really mosh to. This song is heavy and extreme, fast paced and fun of great riffs. /the vocals are better than ever, intelligible but still brutal. This really closes out the album on a high.

Overall, this album proves what the band is capable of, and that they have a broad range of influences and styles. There are elements to appeal to more commercial listeners,  but also gems that will appeal to real fans of extreme music.  This album was around ten years in the making and survived several line up changes. You can almost hear the bands evolution play out through each track. However there is still the promise of things to come and it would be interesting to hear where the band takes their sound next. The album sounds a bit too polished and commercially melodic in places, which is a bit off putting especially for this genre. But overall this album is a solid effort with some real brutal parts that make it worth listening to.