Following up their well-received 2013 debut album ‘The Healing Powers of Hate’, Montreal’s BornBroken return in 2018 with a 40-minute freight-train on ‘The Years of Harsh Truths and Little Lies’. Aggressive music for critical masses, BornBroken are a band that thrives on fury at the injustices of the world we are living in and now is the right time for their righteous rage that feeds their creative furnace.  Their new album features a refreshed line up that includes vocalist Pepe Peloquin (Endast), drummer Samuel Santiago (Gorod, First Fragment) along with bassist Red Voizard to join founding members and guitarists Mike Decker and Simon Sivard. Theten-trackk assault is heavier and angrier plus even includes special guest vocals from Slaves On Dope’s Jason Rockman on “Fight”.

Teaming up with Decibel Magazine, BORNBROKEN are premiering the album’s full stream at the following link HERE

Guitarist Mike Decker comments:

“This CD has been a long time coming and needed to get out to the public instead of sitting on our hard drives. We are very pleased so far with the early positive response from the listeners of our 2 videos/singles “The Years of Harsh Truths and Little Lies” & “Listen”.

It is only obvious our music and the metal scene will only grow stronger and more aggressive as the world we live in deteriorates around us, so we must spread our voice and make it known we will be heard and no longer take what is happening sitting down. We do not want the scraps left behind; we all deserve a piece of the pie cooling in the window! Let’s make the world great again…”

BornBroken’s sophomore album “The Years of Hard Truths And Little Lies” is due out May 18th, 2018 and available for pre-order on Bandcamp and iTunes.

Track Listing:
1. Empty Souls (3:14)
2. The Years of Harsh Truths and Little Lies (4:21)
3. Torn (3:37)
4. The Only One (4:09)
5. Whitewashed (4:12)
6. No Stranger To Failure (4:56)
7. Fight (featuring Jason Rockman) (3:39)
8. Live or Die (3:07)
9. Father Death (4:39)
10. Listen (4:46)
Album Length: 40:45

Album and Live Line Up:
Samuel Santiago (Drums)
Mike Decker (Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Vocals)
Pepe Poliquin (Vocals)
Red Voizard (Bass)
Simon Savard (Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals)

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