Art As Catharsis is proud to release the self-titled debut album from Eishan Ensemble – a dreamy eastern and jazz fusion with layered soundscapes driven by tar, guitar, clarinet, double bass and more. 

As brainchild of Iranian composer and world music specialist Hamed Sadeghi, Eishan’s debut offers a taste of music not often seen in the west, drawing influence from world musicians such as Anouar Brahem, Keyhan Kalhour, Le Trio Joubranand Ravi Sankhar.

“As a musician who is experiencing different ways of composition, “ begins Sadeghi, “I found many similarities between eastern music and jazz which made me want to try writing music in a way that I could fuse tar – as a very classical Iranian instrument – with western instruments. I tried to use plucked string instruments such as double bass doing pizzicato with a woodwind instrument to make a deliberate contrast. It also gives enough space for the tar to be heard (bearing in mind that tar is a quite unknown instrument for westerners).”

Regret is Eishan’s first single, a self-introduction to Sadeghi’s compositional mastery. Math-like tar clucks over swinging folk guitar, sighing clarinet and softly tapped drums. The final image is a world of contemplative sorrow – a story that speaks volumes despite the lack of lyrics in the piece.

“My childhood memories and stories are presented as melodies and harmony in my music,” says Sadeghi. “I am trying to paint a picture of stories that deeply touched me when I was a kid. Family members are very connected in eastern societies and not to be able to live with them can be very destructive in many levels. My sadness, along with excitement of exploring new places are presented as fusion music in my compositions.”

Backed by a handful of talented world musicians, the final product of Sadeghi’s composition talents is orchestral in nature, sculpting the same sense of magic and bewilderment of a film score. The level of attention to moods, rhythms and structure draws a natural intrigue while proving that music, no matter its influences or origin, can transcend the barriers of language and beyond.

Eishan’s first single, Regret, is available now via Bandcamp HERE.

Their debut album ‘Nim Dong’, sees release 28 June on Art As Catharsis.