Upstate New York punk/grunge trio SURMISER has issued a new single from their impending Hold The Static EP, as popular hardcore/punk webzine No Echo premieres the gnarled ESF, alongside an interrogation with the band.
ESF, or Expensive Swedish Furnishings, is a song about being so fucking bored that you go crosseyed and into a hallucination daydream,” offers SURMISER guitarist/vocalist Jay Andersen of the new single. “The being ‘stuck in the couch again’ part is a call to the cover of a Dinosaur Jr. record where it appears a couch is eating a human. It literally spawned from the most boring weekend in history, where I was seemingly unable to escape an overpriced IKEA you-build-it sofa. ‘All my friends are in my head’ is a play off of Nirvana’s ‘Lithium,’ except I couldn’t get ahold of any friends whereas Cobain found his….”
Stream SURMISER’s “ESF” at No Echo RIGHT HERE.
Also see the band’s “Trains” video HERE.