When Melbourne boys Better Half announced the release of their debut EP ‘Maybe I was Wrong’ with Resist Records, there were high expectations, and the alt-rock five-piece certainly did not fail to deliver. With huge fast-paced drumlines alongside catchy riffs and raw emotional lyrics, this EP is well-rounded and will have you hooked.

The band started out a side project between Matt Van Duppen, the guitarist widely known for his work in Thornhill, and vocalist Christopher Vernon – also known for his guitar work with Belle Haven. Better Half has quickly grown and moulded itself into a sound of their own, which fans are constantly on edge for new releases after hearing them open for acts such as Turnover, Touché Amore, Citizen, Being As An Ocean, and more. It’s fair to say that the anticipation has built to an all-time high. The EP’s opening track Fixate is a perfect example of the conversational lyric style paired with the homely pop-punk feeling anyone can get lost in. This continues into their next track Stop, which shows off the heavier side of their music and their versatility as a band and introduces screams to their sound. By contrast, these two tunes clearly display the wide range of sound the band has to offer and draw any listener in from the moment you hit play.

North is a stand-out track of the EP, vulnerable and emotional, where Vernon lulls into the song with soft vocals accompanied by light guitar. This quickly turns heavy, with a passionate breakdown and heavy lyrics that resonate strongly with people going through their toughest times. This unsubtle, honest lyricism paired with downhearted instrumentals is one of the key features of this EP that makes it so infectious to listen to and important to share.

This mood continues into Rest Your Head, the first song to appear off the EP. Since the moment I first heard this track after the video release in August, the iconic line “everything withers, everything dies,” has been ringing in my head. This song is catchy and unforgettable and pairs strong upbeat instrumentals with powerful lyrical meaning. The EP closes with Reasons to Leave, and perfectly ties this influential EP to an end with a whole sound that accurately portrays the band’s sound along with everything ‘Maybe I was Wrong’ has to offer.

Better Half is definitely ready to take the Australian music scene by storm. ‘Maybe I was Wrong’ is one of the strongest releases to come out of 2018 so far, and it is clear that this is only the beginning for these alt-rock powerhouses.

‘Maybe I Was Wrong’ is out now via Resist Records. Grab your copy HERE.