Calling all Canadian rock fans; after releasing sixth album ‘Wake Up Call’ last October, Theory Of A Deadman are making their way to Australia for the first time ever!

Getting to speak with founding member and bassist Dean Back about the upcoming tour, the first topic of discussion was about the excitement levels within the band; Back quickly points out, “We’ve been playing music for sixteen years now and one of the biggest things we wanted to do was tackle the world! We were so excited when we finally got word we were hitting Australia. We’ve come close before, but unfortunately some things didn’t quite work out. We were super disappointed back then, but now that it’s actually happening, we’re just pumped!”

Taking time to talk about the feedback that newest album ‘Wake Up Call’ has been receiving, Back explained that “this is a record that a traditional Theory fan will be a little taken aback by at first. We approached this record with a fresh new start and feel, plus we wanted to try something a little different. It’s one of those records where, if you’re really familiar with us, it will take some time to grow on you. Once it does, however, the true beauty of the record shines! On the same token, if someone is just discovering Theory, it is a great representation of the direction that we are going.”

Giving a nice insight into the workings of Theory’s collective mind, Back explains, “There was a different process making this record. Traditionally, we always went to LA to work with the same producer and production team; we wanted to get out of that for this one, so we put a call out to see who was available. We found Swedish producer Martin Terefe, who works out of London, so it was perfect to get is out of our comfort zone! Martin traditionally doesn’t do rock bands, so it was a fresh start for him, as well as a great experience which shows in the record.”

Continuing with the insight, Back was more than kind enough to talk about the driving force behind the change in Theory’s musical direction, quickly expressing, “There’s not enough people taking chances in music anymore, everybody’s playing it safe!” before going into further detail:

“Sixteen years later. we could be going into the studio and making the same traditional record, or we could take a chance and do something exciting. Don’t get me wrong, there was a bunch of sleepless nights where we were worrying if it was the right thing as it was so different to what we were used to! But when we finished the recording, got the mixes back and started hearing what we created, we realised that it was the right move.”

Looking for insight towards what fans can expect at the upcoming shows, Back quipped. “We put on an energetic show that’s very interactive and a lot of fun,” before explaining, “One of the exciting things about coming to Australia and playing for new fans is to get that energy from them. Maybe there’s a bunch of fans that have been waiting years and years to see us, but never had the opportunity. Feeding off that anticipation and that energy whilst on stage is like nothing else!”

Throwing Back a bit of a curveball, this interviewer wanted to know his Top 5 favourite songs to perform, not from the newest album, but the entire Theory catalogue! After taking a minute to think about his answer, Back starts by pointing out how “RX is a lot of fun to play” before going into further detail:

“A fan favourite of ours that we play every night is Santa Monica off our second record. Hate My Life is a fun, high energy song. I love playing Not Meant To Be, as that always gets a great reaction, and, to end, I’d say Bad Girlfriend, as it a huge hit back in the States a few years ago and I would assume it has reached Australia as well! That was a tough one, as I love playing the new tunes so much” before ending with a laugh.

Drawing the interview to a close, Back wanted to let Australian fans know “we’re just so excited to meet everyone; it’s going to be a good time and we can’t wait!”