There was blood, maybe a few tears too, but more than anything, it was sweat
that marks this brand new release of BLACK TUSK called ‘TCBT’.

Agali is the brand new single and you can hear it right here:


When BLACK TUSK first hit the streets with their debut EP, ‘When Kingdoms Fall’
in the year 2005, the band had grown out of the Savannah scene but right from
the start with their own twist. The three-piece consisting of guitarist Andrew,
Athon on bass, and drummer James with all sharing vocal duties added a dash of
punk as well as a viscous heaviness and groove to the Savannah school of rock that
some critics compared with various stoner and sludge outfits.

Flanked by further EPs, split-singles, and demos, BLACK TUSK steadily expanded
both in reach and number of die-hard followers with each successive album, ‘The
Fallen Kingdom’ (2007), ‘Passage Through Purgatory’ (2008), ‘Taste the Sin’ (2010),
‘Set the Dial’ (2011), and ‘Pillars of Ash’ (2016). Partly responsible for their success,
are the strong live shows of the trio, which garnered early attention on tour with
such heavy-weights as BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, DOWN, WEEDEATER, and
EYEHATEGOD. Meanwhile the band has toured and performed at most major
metal festivals both at home and overseas.

Their latest full-length, ‘Pillars of Ash’ sadly had to appear posthumously for one
member as the band had tragically lost their charismatic bass-player Athon
through a motorcycle accident. With a heavy heart, BLACK TUSK decided to
honour Athon’s memory by carrying on and recruited veteran musician and
already long-time friend Corey Barhorst (EX-KYLESA) to take over his duties on the
low end.

Now with the 6th studio album ‘TCBT’, which was recorded at The Garage Savannah
and mixed by engineer and long-time collaborator Chris “Scary” Adams, BLACK
TUSK show the world they lived through the kind of hardship and heartbreak that
would cripple a lesser band, but it’s that dedication, gumption, and pure
bullheaded stubbornness that took care of business, keeps taking care of business
– and Taking Care of Black Tusk.

1. A Perfect View of Absolutely Nothing (1:22)
2. Closed Eye (2:28)
3. Agali (3:47)
4. Lab Rat (4:10)
5. Scalped (4:47)
6. Ghosts Roam (4:10)
7. Ill At Ease (4:03)
8. Rest With the Dead (4:55)
9. Never Ending Daymare (2:57)
10. Orange Red Dead (2:06)
11. Whispers (3:29)
12. Burn the Stars (4:14)
Total playing time: 42:28

Style: Swamp Metal

Andrew Fidler – guitar, vocals
Corey Barhorst – bass, vocals
James May – drums, vocals
Chris “Scary” Adams – guitar, vocals

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