If you’re reading this, and familiar with the Australian Music Scene throughout the 2000s, then you’ve certainly heard of Mammal. The Melbourne based four piece outfit sold out shows, and rocked all around the nation for many years, before an unforeseeable breakup sent them on their separate ways. However, after eight years apart, they’ve recently resurfaced, and their new single Community has seen them quickly regain the popularity they once held with the Australian crowds, and are looking to take the music scene (once again) by storm! OVERDRIVE Music Magazine recently spoke with Nick Adams, Mammal bassist, about their comeback and release of their new single.

The gears that make the Mammal machine are Zane Rosanoski (drums), Nick Adams (bass), Ezekiel “Zeke” Ox (vocals), and Pete Williamson (guitar).

If, on the off-chance, this is the first time you’ve ever heard of the Melbourne Rockers, don’t worry. Adams kicked things off with giving an insight into who Mammal are, which included a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

“Mammal are a four piece, powerhouse of a band hailing from Melbourne. Before we split up in 2009 we had quickly risen to the top of our scene due in part to our blistering live shows. We had played all the major festivals in Australia and sold out countless shows both here and in the UK. And all that is in just three years!

In 2017, after eight years off, we decided the live scene needed a massive shot in the arm so we are back. More handsome, ripped up and ready to smash harder than ever.”

Being away from the music scene for eight years can present a lot of obstacles for a band to overcome once coming back into the limelight, but is something that hasn’t halted Mammal’s momentum. Adams spoke about why now was the time they deemed to be the ‘right time’ for their imminent return. He explained,

“I think time decided for us to be honest. It was such a chaotic and emotional decision to break up and the wounds remained open for many years following. So it was more about patching the personal relationships which takes time, rather than waiting for a specific moment to reappear. Mammal was an itch that we all probably needed to scratch at some stage as the musical chemistry and connection is very intense and hard to deny. So we were probably always destined to start playing together again, our just happened to be an eight year itch!”

One of the for mentioned obstacles of getting back together after such a sizeable stint apart from one another, is whether the reformation is going to be an easy transition or whether the ring rust is too much to shake off. Adams opened up about what it was like stepping into the same room again after eight years, the angst between members, and what it was like to finally belt out that dreaded first note. He explained,

“The first ham with the four of us all back in the same room again, instruments in hand and ready to rock, yeah, it was kind of weird. We talked shit for ages at the start, just putting off playing that first collective note and ending the silence and revealing whether we still had it, or whether we just sucked!

Short story. We smashed those f***king songs to oblivion.

When it came to writing again it was a slightly bitter sweet scenario. It was kind of fun and exciting to start throwing ideas around. But after so long we were also unsure about if we would still connect creatively as we had all grown significantly and separately as musicians and songwriters over the years. We did have a couple of false starts before we eventually hit on Community and then BANG! The old girl fired up and we were back in business.

Just needed to get that first run on the board.”

Their new single, Community, has quickly created a whirlwind that has thrust them back within the same level of popularity that they generated all those years ago, and to top it off the song is an absolute banger! Adams spoke about how the track came to exist, saying,

“The track was a basic idea that I had kicking around musically for a little while but didn’t seem to fit any of my other projects. When I was listening through potential ideas for Mammal song, I immediately heard Zeke’s voice and vocal stylings over it, so I brought it into the studio and straight off the bat he started with the “I got community do you feel it too” vibe. It kinda wrote itself from then on and came together quite quickly.”

The Community music video packs a punch, and is the perfect visual demonstration of how much charisma these guys contain. When asked whether there were certain motivations to produce the music video as they did, Adams was straight to the point.

“Not really. We had been kicking around a few ideas without anything really sticking. We eventually started talks with Jack (Dyball), the director, and decided to leave it in his hands whilst we busied ourselves with the mixing/mastering of the two tracks.”

With Mammal having dropped their single, and now comfortably sitting in good stead with their musical return, there’s one question on the lips of their fans; is there going to be a full length album dropping? If you’re one of those people eagerly awaiting said news, Adams has some information that might just get generate a tonne of excitement. He stated,

“Yes, it would be safe to say that we are sure as hell going to try! Once the gates were opened the ideas just started pouring out. We now have a bunch of skeletons that we are just starting to flesh out and mould into songs now. Still a ways to go, but it’s exciting as we don’t even really know what they are going to sound like yet!”

If dropping the new single wasn’t enough to mark their return, Mammal are hitting the road in the coming months for an Australian Tour! Yes, you heard correctly! If getting into the studio after eight years kicked up so many emotions, hitting the road together for the first time in close to a decade is certainly going to generate a lot of noise. Adams opened up about just how excited they are to be bringing their music to the nation again, saying,

“Ridiculously excited! Mammal is kind of like that Japanese cartoon where the four guys/girls in separate robots join up to make on giant super robot that just kicks arse! I think what makes us truly unique is our collective ability to turn any room into a giant ball of explosive energy at any moment. The best part is that our fans are a part of that too. The energy flows and feeds back and forth until the room creaks with a life all of its own. It can get pretty darn special at times. Damn! I’m getting pumped up just thinking about it!”

Bringing our time together to an end, Adams finished by wanting to paint a picture of what people can expect if they turn out to one of their upcoming (and future) shows – and we at OVERDRIVE urge you all to do so! Adams explained,

“I think my reoccurring compliment has always been when walking around at festivals after just having played and random punters who had never seen Mammal before, and whose musical tastes are completely different to our style excitedly stop me and say, ‘Man, I don’t usually get into that kinda thing, but you guys were f**king amazing!’. It really doesn’t matter what kind of music you like, Mammal prides itself on delivering one of the most entertaining shows you’ll ever see. It sounds like an arrogant boast, but we work hard to back it up and anyone who has seen our shows will probably say the same. All that is left to say really is come and see it for yourself!”

Mammal’s COMMUNITY TOUR kicks off June 8th, and you can get your hands on tickets HERE!MAM002_A2-Poster_FINAL_SMALL