Religious connotations aren’t too prevalent in rock and metal music in modern day society, but As Everything Unfolds aren’t shy of referencing their distaste for religion and are here to spread the message.

“There is a running context through the lyrics of the songs past and present around an angered stance on religion. I show my personal feelings about believing in God, and it’s not a positive one. I’ve seen and heard people change their lives for the worse in order to appease ‘God’.” says Charlie, vocals.

As Everything Unfolds are letting go of their inner demons with their new material and a brand new video single entitled “17:10”,  which will be available on iTunes/Spotify and all digital outlets on May 25th.

The band say this about the single:

17:10 is about coming out on top after someone completely screws you over. We’ve all experienced something like it, and there’s nothing more draining than chasing a person you care about who has no care for you anymore, even when they come crawling back you can’t help but still feel anger and resentment, and this song is about holding your head up and finally letting go.”

With Charlie’s vocal performance exposing feelings of betrayal, loss, hate and overcoming these feelings, there’s no doubt that the emotive lyrical content will resonate with fans both old and new.

“I will hold my head up in your demise

Despite the fact that all is yours

And yours is mine

I will set to free my lasting hate

With every single breath I take

Save your sorrow, save your lies

I haven’t got the energy to see you cry”

With a focus on blending melody and groove, As Everything Unfolds are a Buckinghamshire based sextet fusing crushing riffs, intricate synths and soaring vocals to create a fresh twist on a tried and tested formula. This matched with their high intensity live performance creates an unforgettable experience that aims to keep audiences guessing.

Fronted by Charlie Rolfe, As Everything Unfolds are making an impact with Charlie’s distinctive vocal style and stage presence, which puts her at the forefront of upcoming metal talent. The band has shared the stage with the likes of Black Peaks, Dream State, Create To Inspire, The City Is Ours and Novelists. As Everything Unfolds have dominated the London scene’s stages since the release of their last EP ‘Collide’ which catapulted them from unknown to ‘Ones to watch’ within a matter of shows.

Charlie says this about the band’s on and off stage sound:

“We aim to achieve a rawness and realness that can help the listener invision our live sound. We don’t want our records to be disconnected from the live experience.”

Ostensibly, As Everything Unfolds are an exciting prospect full of fun and energy, but there are allegorical messages in their music that have a darker side.

AEU’s bass player George Hunt speaks about why he’s pursuing his dream to be in a band before pursuing a more ‘sensible’ career option:

“‘When I was 16 I lost one of my best friends to cancer who was the same age. He’d been in my previous band with me and was one of the most positive and motivational people I have ever met. He always encouraged me to go and do whatever makes me happy, and that is the primary reason that I am determined to try and make this band become something. I have had a lot of pressure in my life to go for the safe option, the sensible job etc. But I want to have a go at making my dreams come true, because if I don’t, I will always have that regret and feeling that I should of at least tried.”

Determination is at the forefront of this band’s mantra, and there’s no stopping this 6 piece from making waves in 2018.

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Forthcoming Shows

1/6 – Carlisle – Club Rock
2/6 – Lancaster – The Bobbin
3/6 – Sheffield – Mulberry Tavern
4/6 – Plymouth – The Underground
5/6 – London – 229 The Venue

As Everything Unfolds is:

Charlie Rolfe – Lead Vocals

Adam Kerr – Guitar

Owen Hill – Guitar

George Hunt – Bass

Jon Cassidy – Synths/Programming

Liam Burgoyne – Drums