Ah, solipsism. Quite a fitting name for a short EP containing 3 songs centring around a single, right?

For those not pretending to be alt-right pseudo-intellectuals, a solipsis is a lone, singular entity of some kind. Just like neckbeards. Unlike neckbeards, Solipsis I demonstrates promise, starting with an ominous, echo-heavy digitised intro, replete with shrill synths and eerie background vocals. 

The central point, the solipsis itself (getting sick of that word yet?), Solipsis II begins with a plodding, rollicking drum beat against a simple yet evil arpeggio, awash with the last vestiges of that Fear Factory-esque industrial intro. Building slowly with typewriter-clacking reliable double kicks, suddenly the veil is lifted with a brief pinch harmonic and a roar into a twisted upper-neck fret-bouncer riff. Things are pulled right back and slammed into the dirt with a slamming chug atop faint sweeping and trilling in the background, with vocals that belch sub-octave filth. A jagged off-time punctuates the centre of the song briefly before flitting back into the aforementioned slam-ready riff. It’s not hard to imagine the swirling mass of moshing bodies and whirling heads by the time the crisp, sweeping leads break into a tighter-as-a-fish’s-rear-end soloing, tremolo and squeaky-clean breakdown riffage. 

Ending with a seriously overused quote by Oppenheimer, creator of the atomic bomb (I won’t spoil it, but you know it), we are then treated to shrill cinematic violin sounds, screams, alarms, radio static and police chatter with Solipsis III. 

Well – that just happened. Before you know, it’s over. A primal teaser of what sounds like it may be a very fun romp through death metal, hardcore and math/djent-inspired precision all in one. Put your spectacles and don’t gel your hair back just yet. Get your mosh shorts ready and do some neck stretches; Canberrans Inhuman Remnants are about to rip the room a new one. 

You can buy the EP ‘Solipsis I’ here!