Jupiter Hollow is a prog-metal/rock duo based in Toronto, Canada, and have taken the cake with their new album. Ahdomn follows on from their debut EP Odyssey, and includes all the songs from the EP plus two new monster songs: Mandating Our Existence and Null Without Praise. The band have done things a little differently for this album in that they are providing an “Odyssey Experience” that allows fans to access the full album for free, plus receive bonus content that gives them an insight into behind the scenes, the journey in creating this album. 

The album as a whole is a nicely balanced mix of ethereal, dreamy elements that gives it a Pink Floyd vibe, along with heavier gritty elements that can be likened to a mixture of Dream Theater, Tool and Karnivool. The chunky parts get you headbanging and the quieter parts get you swaying; the dynamics are captivating and is well worth the listen from start to finish. 

Ascending features Pink Floyd-esque ethereal synths, dreamy guitar parts and vocals that seem to transport you out of this world. The song is a perfect introduction for the album, which then segues into Hades Heart. This song carries on from Ascending but develops into a heavier tune – from cleaner, quiet parts to crashing drums, heavy riffs and energetic vocals and then to screaming guitar solos, these give Hades Heart a dynamic that gets you headbanging along. 

Deep In Space adds a touch of spice to the mix with funky guitar riffs that explode into some chunky chugging goodness and cool vocal harmonies. A sweet piano part is a pleasant surprise partway through the song that changes things up a bit in a good way. The cool vocal harmonies continue in Over 50 Years, which also features heavy growling and wild, fast guitar riffs reminiscent of Tool.

Mandating Our Existence, the first of the two longer songs changes the atmosphere with the emotionally charged piano and melodic vocal introduction. The music and lyrics complement each other perfectly, with dynamics that set the mood at every moment; calm yet suspenseful quiet parts build to energetic and exciting highs. Null Without Praise, a 16-and-a-half monster of a song is another headbanger – full of rolling drumbeats, chunky guitar riffs, and gritty vocals that give it a sort of Dream Theater vibe cross with Karnivool. Despite the song being long, every minute is filled and flows perfectly and finishes off with a synthy, emotional, lyrically deep ending. 

Jupiter Hollow certainly delivered with this album, and overall provided a wonderful listening experience that was energising and entertaining.